Love Has Won


We Are The First Contact Ground Crew Team, who are preparing to take Humanity Home Into The Light.

Awakening is the process of becoming conscious, in this regard I offer my abilities and experiences to help You become conscious of YourSelf and Your experiences in order to ensure that ALL of Your experiences begin serving You as they are meant to. 

Remembering sessions

Remember your way to 5D!

The process of awakening is really one of remembering who you already are. Everything we seek is already within us because at our core we are all made of the same God-force energy. It is the process of becoming conscious of yourself and using this conscious observation to ensure ALL of your experiences will serve you to find more Joy, Peace, Balance, Power, Clarity, Truth, Expansion and Wholeness in the next moment than you may have found in the last moment.

I will help you to remember the truth of who you are, just as I have done for myself.

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Find out what others have experienced after having  Amazing Healing Sessions with US

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Implant Removals and Spiritual Surgeries ~ a Complete 5D ExperIEnce ~

Mother God~Mother of Creation and the Galactic Federation of Light work together daily to remove implants and prepare the Earth-born beings for their Service Mission then bring these beings online and into the higher states of consciousness needed to engage Mission. Our Surgery Team as well as Surgeries Has Expanded since we began this in August 2014, when Kryon of Magnetic Service Came to MotherGod and said we had a very intense issue on the planet which was preventing the natural ascension process in Humanity’s Bodies and began training her on removing implants. This began with Kryon and Master St Germain

The 5D Surgical Team is made of Galactic beings trained in 5D surgery and 5D technology who meet Mother God in the etheric field during spiritual healing procedures. These beings are part of a direct-assistance surgical team of the Galactic Federation of Light. Our 5D Spiritual Healing Team includes both physically incarnate and etheric or galactic BEings, many of which You are likely familiar with. The 5D Surgical Team is truly an A-Team of Masters making our Paradigm-leading Implant Removals, Organ Repair and Brain Surgery procedures possible. For the Past 8 Years through Direct Experience and Wisdom, MotherGod has been successfully helping thousands awaken to the Whole Truth and Awaken to Their Divine Destiny’s. MotherGod, after an intense Life Journey in choosing Love Every Moment through courage, hard work, dedication, determination and trusting Love she awoke into Full Consciousness in 2007 and since then has been offering these sessions to everyone .

Since 2007 We have been creating incredible connections, answering deep questions about what is really happening on the planet in very simple and easy to understand terms. The Awakening Session also accelerates your awakening as we guide you on your path towards divine intelligence and share in the energies of expansion. We are having lots of “Oh My God!” moments as we “come online” into our true being. Through theses Awakening Sessions we can assist you in many multi-dimensional ways such as; 

Balancing Vibrational Frequencies

Share with You where you are at in your consciouness

Identify which wave you are in

Assistance through the Ascension Process

Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments

We Assist in connecting you with your Angelic Teams

In addition we help you remember your part of the Divine Mission. We assist you into full consciousness, Heaven consciousness, connection to the God within, conscious awareness, joy and happiness. We will also assist you in being present in the moment of now so that you can get to the experience of the magic of Creation. The Services we provide are nothing compared to psychology or psychiatry. We focus on the Soul, your journey on the Path of Truth, of LOVE. Each session is based on the uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique we find different points of clarity among all. We are highly trained in human consciousness and will give you tools to help yourself and others.

***New Spiritual Sessions have now been created for an Entire Family, including the Crystal Children; Group Family Healing and Therapy. We have just began these and they are incredible. Highly recommend for any families struggling together in these times of intense changes. Email: for more information or to schedule an emergency spiritual session.

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