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Are You Connected With Your True or False Self?

FCGCT Commentary: The True Self is the Soul

By Jona Bryndis

On Being True to Oneself and Identifying When We Are Not

In our daily lives we often feel disconnected or not able to connect with our Self. Many of have lost the ability to tell who we truly are and our inner connection feels clouded or lost. If you feel this way, don't beat yourself up or doubt that your True Self's presence. 'The sun is always there - even at night or on a cloudy day"

Your True Self is an integral part of you - the middleman between your soul and your physical being. When you feel disconnected within it merely means that you have too many mental and emotional layers of perceived ‘other selves’ dominating your life and perception of self. You see yourself through the eyes of others or the collective, which clouds your ability to 'see the sun'.

We call this culmination of perceived beliefs, energetic programs and conditioned behavioral patterns FALSE SELF.

We all have different reasons to rather presenting a fake persona than our True Self; it is often part of our inner core protection, as our True Self feels to vulnerable to be exposed. However, this is based on the misconception that we need to hide who we truly are - and because everybody is doing it, it seems natural to feel like we need to protect this part of us. 

From an energetic point of view, this is quite a tragedy! By choosing our False Self we are not only communicating that we don't feel good enough, we are also increasing inner conflicts and agree to incongruence, that can do severe damage to our ENERGETIC INTEGRITY. The original cause is often unconscious to us, as they often lead back to our childhood or even karmic aspects. 

The main message here is, that regardless of how much you try to hide it, your True Self will always prevail. It is only a matter of time, that you will sense that there is something hidden or encapsulated inside of you, that wants to come forward. Living your life as a False Self can therefore often leads to the feeling of being ‘cut off from the world’ and lonely. It causes the deep inner pain of separation and not belonging - and can responsible for many of our inner and outer struggles! 

Being caught in our often unconscious false self projections makes it impossible for us to be in touch with our true needs, and therefore often causes fear of the unknown and powerlessness.

While our False Self ego persona allows us to cope with challenging situations or painful experiences, it's mostly responsible for the mental and emotional overcast that clouds our ability to know and connect with our True Self.  

So, why is so difficult some times to know True from False Self?


Many of you have already worked on your inner connection and relationship with your True Selves, but you often still don’t realize the power of ego control in your practical lives. The fact that you are reading this right now already demonstrates that a part of you remembers the presence of your True Self within; you wouldn’t resonate with this kind of inner work if you weren’t somehow prompted to seek for your true inner connection. But do you really know when you are true to yourself and when not? When you are in alignment with your True Self or your False Self? When you are true to yourself?

Our ego can overshadow our INNER TRUTH within a split second. Every time your feel threatened, not validated or unloved, your ego will kick in in order to protect you from mental-emotional-spiritual pain! The way this happens is mainly through altering your perception. This can play out as diminished or exaggerated   self-perception - as self-doubt or self-centeredness - but no matter what your personal propensity is, it limits your ability to see your own truth!

From an energy work standpoint, incongruence with True Self causes inner contradictions and therefore allows outer programs, fear, defense patterns, ego-attachments or denial to dominate your way of seeing yourself and others. On the long run this inner battle can lead to energetic schisms and persistent inner conflicts and can cause emotional, mental, physical blocks or even dis-eases. Therefore, energy work teaches us that becoming congruent with our True Self is not only a core prerequisite for our self-healing, but also represents the needed framework for the unfoldment of our spiritual consciousness!


As we begin the inner re-connection process, it is quite normal to feel an inner yearning for becoming more true to oneself. This can get more intense after we felt this connection with our INNER LIGHT for the first time, which is why it is so important to develop a REFERENCE FEELING for when we are in our True Self - even we can only get glimpses of what it feels like at first. As we begin to feel and experience the existence of our Inner Divinity as our True Selves, we begin to long for this connection and our SPIRITUAL JOURNEY begins.

The objective of becoming true to oneself is to learn how to experience and express ourselves congruent with our True Self at all times. Self-transformation means to learn to overcome our mental and emotional overlay and to align ourselves to the frequencies of our higher self so that we can begin to unfold our highest potential.

We all have this ability to connect in us at all times, but the reason why we don't is because we lost the ability to tell if something is true or not. In addition, most of us don’t have the ability yet to consciously perceive and clear ourselves from distractions, triggers and ego-payoff, and are therefore often at a loss when it comes to identifying negative energies, inner energetic blocks or simply we our energy system is imbalanced and incongruent.


Energetically seen, we are congruent when the frequency of our outer expression resembles or is identical with our inner frequency - when our INNER REALITY matches up with our outer reality. When we are grounded in the present and centered in our heart our energy resonates only with conditions, circumstances, thoughts, feelings (any energy form) that matches own frequency. CONGRUENCE is when all outer energies and inner energies are a reflection of the same - when we are congruent we are in the presence of our INNER TRUTH.


Take the energy of DEGRADATION (could be replaced with any lower vibrational state or sentiment). In energy work Degrading Energies are energies that are not supportive, energy draining or even destructive for us.

If we are surrounded by degrading energies while our inner alignment is based on higher vibrational virtues, such as integrity, respect and non-judgment, any form of degradation or energy lowering impulse can be sensed immediately. Without training we may not be able to pinpoint where or from whom exactly these energies are coming from, but we can feel when that it's 'off'. Someone who is caught in the incongruence of his or her False Self is so conflicted within, that outer incongruences cannot be detected. In fact, energetically degrading people, situations or places are so familiar to us that we lack the ability to tell the difference!

As a result of being congruent with our True Self we are able to tell what is truly going on and with it  have the ability you make a choice whether we want to tolerate, ward off or walk out of the degradation in/around us.

If we are congruent, our choices are always in alignment with who we truly are.

So, if we allow ourselves to constantly be surrounded by degradation we cannot sense it, and chances are that unconsciously allow our energetic integrity to be violated, compromised or inhibited. By tolerating degrading energies in our lives we ENABLE FALSEHOOD - in our environment (family, collective, society, etc.) and within ourselves. Over time, tolerating falsehood and energy lowering forces in our lives  it becomes so ‘normal’ to us that our entire energy system adjusts to falsehoods to a point, where we do not even realize how incongruent we have become. CODEPENDENCY and WHITE-SHADOW aspects are very common examples for the longterm effect of lack of inner congruence.

We are incongruent when our inner alignment/sentiment is not the same as our actions, thoughts, feelings,  and choices - and vice versa.

Deep down we all know what it feels like to be incongruent – it’s when we agree to compromise or the lower our personal, despite our better knowing! Every time we disregard our inner guidance we are allowing a part of us to dissociate and become numb. Every time we act, think, feel or express something that isn't true to ourselves, we disconnect from our True Self and we give away/loose a tiny aspect of our soul - bit by bit, we are externalizing our inner power to our False Self!

Becoming aware of our truth and falsehood marks a major shift in our journey! 


Once we shift our focus from outside to inside we are beginning to be come able to discern between what's ours and what isn't. Incoming, lingering or hidden energies can only be sensed on all levels provided we know who we are. Therefore, knowing our true intentions is not only healthier but but allows us to protect our energy from a more empowered stance and thus eliminates the need for a fake self projection or protection. The more we can let go of our false sense of control, the easier we can get in touch with our true needs and heart’s desires.

ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY alone does not guarantee that we can make better choices. We still need to learn how to actualize and manifest our energetic discernment in congruence with our energy and actions/choices - in other words, we need to learn how to implement our inner truth at all times. This is where our real spiritual work begins!

So, while we may intuitively and mentally understand the importance of FEELING TRUTH, we need to retrain our behaviors and relearn to HOW TO ACT ON OUR TRUTH. This is the point of our journey where many of us become frustrated and begin to doubt our abilities...

Understand that acting on your truth is probably the most daring and challenging journey you will ever embark on! Give yourself time and be patient with yourself. Your behaviors are the result of decades of conditioning and outer programming - do not expect to be able to undo this within a few days! Try to observe rather than judge - and always remember that weren't able to see these things before, so be patient and never give up on your True Self!

The more honest you can be the faster this transformational process goes!


So, after all this talk and inner reflection, why do we still allow negative energies to affect our personal energy field to the point where we aren’t able to feel ourselves anymore? Why do we continue to make incongruent choices every day of our life? Easy! Because our ego/false self get's something out of it!

As long as our ego receives positive feedback on acting out of fear, anger, pain or specialness – it gets a pay-off and has no reason to end it. Behaviors and choices that work against your better knowing are are actions based on your ego. If you want to transcend your ATTACHMENTS and unconscious sabotage cycles you need to know what your ego get's out of staying where you are at. 

Looking at our ego's payoff and facing inner unresolved energetic attachments isn’t exactly a fun, so be prepared to run into your ego's resistance! Most of your choices are based on what worked in the past or what created the most pleasure, safety or sense of control. Therefore, in order to overcome your ego you need to gradually remove the fuel it runs on. By asking ourselves what our ego's  payoff is, we can learn how our inner hard-wires function and slowly replace them with healthier behaviors. 

What could we get out off our False Self behaviors?

What are common examples for ego payoff? 

Let’s look at some our False Self programs:

We fuel our False Self through … in order to -> ... :

Being a Victim or Blaming Others -> not having to/wanting to take responsibility for oneself

Pain Cycles -> wanting to get attention to feed the illusion of being loved or not alone

Control -> feeling more powerful over others/situations in order to cope with our hidden fears and anger

Anger -> trying to regain lost power or compensating for the fear of not being in control

Righteousness -> feeding our illusion of superiority or being better than others; covering up negative self-image and fear of inadequacy

Frustration-> coping with inner contradictions; projecting the illusion of lost specialness or rigid beliefs and opinions

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will find that there is an ego payoff feeding our False Self in almost each and every of our choices. If we were congruent with who we truly are we had no reason to hide, deny or protect these parts. We could lightheartedly, self-responsibly and lovingly admit to our mistakes and transcend, correct and improve our choices as we go; but instead we sustain an intricate web of ego justifications and don’t realize how our False Self is separating us from our True Self with each of these choices.

Our Ego, False Self, projections, wounds, shadow, patterns, programs and defensive mechanisms are all integral part of us – they are neither good nor bad – they are all there for a reason. What matters is not the fact that we have an ego, false self or shadow, but whether and for how much longer we allow them to control our choices.

Don’t let your day-to-day distractions, challenges, responsibilities and compromises overwrite who you are! Take at least 5 minutes every day to touch base with your True Self and use the 5-Minute True Self Alignment MP3 and come to monthly FREE 'Connect With Your True Self' Remote Energy transMISSION. The next session is 07/15/17 @ 10PM (MDT) to reboot your inner connection! Click here to register for thei FREE Energy Session.

Thank you for your time reading this reflection.

Much Love,



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Transforming The Dark Night of The Soul

FCGCT Commentary: Highly recommend going through 7 Stages of Grief to transform the ego. Here is the link:

Posted by Michael Isherwood, 09/13/2016

Dark Night of the Soul

During spiritual initiation or active kundalini Ascension Stages, there are four main types of the down-cycle of spiritual crisis which could variously be associated with what the ancients and mystics have called the Dark Night of the Soul. These phases of spiritual development are unavoidable, as the “living death” or Ego Death must occur for resurrection of the spiritual body and mind. All must enter the Dark Night of the Soul or spiritual crisis, perhaps many times during the cyclical process of evolution during the spiritual ascension process. The planet is undergoing a global level of the Dark Night of the Planetary Collective Soul during the Ascension Cycle.

The deeper one goes into a die-off stage to drop density, the greater the spiritual resurrection. Similarly the more one allows the influx of kundalini spirit phases during the heart and Consciousness expansion, the deeper one goes into the die-off stages. The die-off is either acute or chronic depending on the person and the phase of awakening. It happens after each Influx of Spirit, the spiritual initiation stages as the flesh transmutes there is a die-off of the conventional conditioned structures as well as all potential toxins throughout the bodies, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual-energetic.

For every influx of kundalini spirit through spiritual initiation, there is an accompanying catabolic breakdown of the former body, apotosis or some form of die-off to release and transmute toxins. Only those people that have the kundalini flow up the spine, and the experience of extreme bliss or electromagnetic influx or massive spiritual opening events are going to experience the die-off. Die-offs are distinct periods of catabolic breakdown in which there is no operative ego, other than that which is sufficient to drag one off the couch to the bathroom when appropriate.

Dissolving the 3D Personality

The incarnated station of our identity that was our personality matrix, the aspect that was enmeshed with the lower three dimensional frequencies, is also dissolving. What this equates to is the dissolution of our personality matrix or station of identity that was located in the lower three dimensions, and moving that aspect of our identity into the higher frequency bands of our Soul matrix or higher station of identity. What happens to the people on the earth who believe that they are only their personality identity, when it begins to dissolve? We can see the effects of that consciousness shift now in the global scape.
The range of experience for some people is from sensations of great anxiety, stress, and mental confusion all the way to the descent into madness and insane behaviors. Most people are not aware they are losing Coherence, and are unaware of the causality of what is actually influencing the way they think and behave.

The lower dimensional contents that exist in the planetary collective consciousness fields are undergoing massive reconfiguration in multiple ways. This energetic change in the 3D reality has reached critical mass, which means it is greatly impacting all people of the earth. Whether asleep or awake, the self-mastery that has been either lost or gained is measured in how you personally deal with stress and chaos. No person on this earth is exempt from the exposure to the massive fields of chaos, confusion and darkness that exist in the collective mind of humanity. During this time, our inner energetic integrity is tested in order to hold neutrality, while facing the great forces of chaos. This is being tested in every person, just from the mere fact of being on the earth at this time. How well are we able to adapt to change and hold neutrality in every kind of stressful situation? We have to measure our competency level now.

If we are not doing well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation, we must make adjustments to gain strength with this skill set. This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the madness of the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the Dark Night of the Soul. What does this take and what is being asked of us? All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviors, actions, as all consciousness that is created has a direct cause and effect.
Since 2009, we have consistently emphasized the necessity of moving out of the 3D consciousness fields, and from feeding those energies, by identifying and clearing the three layers of the negative ego that are run in the lower dimensional fields. The clearing of negative ego is mandatory in order to adapt to the shifting timelines, and to maintain coherence and sanity. It is imperative to address unresolved conflicts that create anxiety in our mind, emotions and body, and apply clearing and healing tools that replace our previous ways of thinking with neutrality, love and peace.[1]

Dark Night Metamorphosis

There are four main types of spiritual crisis down-cycle events in metamorphosis that need to be clearly understood to prevent unnecessary suffering and secondary backlash:

LIGHTNING: This is a terror event of intense energy pouring up and into the body similar to a euphoric inner-conjunction of spiritual activation, but in this case it is a inner-conjunction of feeling great discomfort, anxiety, pain or fear. Here we descend deeply into our matter and flesh and experience inner fears or energy blockages, or experience external anxiety with no apparent cause. We may be accessing buried parts of our Unconscious Mind or cellular memories that are embedded in our bodies. This “negative” inner-conjunction mostly occurs during one’s first initial awakening stages which can help to surface hidden fears or pain located in the Pain Body. This terror or fear is the polar opposite to the spontaneous bliss awakening in a neophyte-body at the early Soul initiations for those that are unfamiliar with such intensity of Expanding Consciousness and energy.

SHOCK: White Death, or autonomic shock in the CNS that occurs immediately after a mystical or ecstatic experience with kundalini spiritual activation. That is the contraction and toxic overload after a significant opening to the extreme bliss of a euphoric inner-conjunction event or a spiritual initiation stage into a higher frequency or level of the Lightbody. Sometimes in this stage a person can feel numb, apathetic or in a void.

SELF-DIGESTION: Then there are the die-offs of toxins or waste which are a catabolic breakdown of the former structures through apoptosis due to oxidation by free radicals and then phagocytosis[2] by the macrophages[3]. This is a physical event and a spiritual-energetic event. Thus, one can experience a cleansing cycle similar to a detoxification through the elimination channels of the body. Detoxification at all levels of the body occurs, including a mental and emotional detoxification of the Pain Body and Ego/Personality. Changes in the hormonal structure, and endocrine functions. This is also the process of Ego Death.

BURNOUT: Lastly there is the exhaustion phase of the overall spiritual awakening cycle where the body’s resources of neurotransmitters, hormones, and nutrients have been used up in the climb to the escalation heights of the spiritual awakening peak. During exhaustion depression arises, yet there is permanent bliss or peace giving the sense of being dissociated from depression.[4]

Suggestions to Support Ego Death

Relax as much as possible in the down-cycle, Surrender and allow the process of the Dark Night.
Make yourself comfortable without suppressing symptoms, without escaping to run away or propping yourself up with distractions and stimulants.
A spiritual die-off is a free radical storm which may induce stress. De-stress and take good care of your body, potentially consume superfoods or doses of antioxidants for protection. Also if guided, take support supplements, essential oils that help the thyroid (kelp, nettle leaf), the adrenals (licorice, Vitamin C), the nerves (Vitamin Bs, ) and the hormones (ginseng, gotu kola).

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and take a bath to re-hydrate potentially in salt baths. The body has a huge demand for water and Biochemic Cell Salts during a die-off phase, detoxification and spiritual activation.

If one is accelerated in full detoxification of toxin die-off, one may experience Ascension Symptoms like Ascension flu. The immune system is essentially dismantling the body and all one can do is rest in bed, and not eat much of anything. It’s best not to eat while the body is in catabolic breakdown mode, or digestion will draw energy away from the transmutation of the flesh and your resurrection will not be as complete. One may create toxicity and tissue damage if you work against the natural break-down cycle and ignore the bodies request for rest, cleansing or fast.
Giving up the personality is the first stage of really living. Until we give up and surrender to our spirit, we have been trying to live from the concept of the Ego/Personality self, instead of higher spiritual or Christ Self. It is often the case with human action, that what we manifest through our ego efforts, turns out the very opposite of what we intended. The die-off is the most extreme experience of nature stepping in to help us move beyond the known experience of the ego and into the vast reaches of a mystic perception of the universe. The deeper the surrender to the living-death of the spiritual Ascension process, the more we can actually incarnate and embody spirit in the flesh.

For more information:…/Dark_Night_of_the_Soul


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