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Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ You Are Here on Mission

FCGCT Commentary 03~15~17: We have been guided to repost this article, to assist the collective with the upcoming energies of the Spring Equinox. Blessings & Love to All!

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I wish to assist the collective consciousness in breaking down belief systems most of Humanity has put in place. You are all integrating much light within your Being. However, the purging or release process is still ongoing as there can be no dense energies to anchor in your higher selves. The information that I will provide may rock the foundations of what your think you know and what is Truth about the Mind and Heart. The realm of illusion has shrouded much of the truth of The Ascension of Humanity and it’s in depth evolutionary process. This includes what some call, the “Universal Mind”. Let us delve into the differences of The Universal Mind and the Universal Heart as well as Your Mission on Planet Gaia=Heart. As Always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness

Keep in your Hearts, there are no Belief Systems in Heaven. These beliefs that you hold on to, hinders your spiritual growth and must be released. The realm of illusion is the realm of the mind. This was not the original state of Being within 3D frequencies nor the blueprint for Humanity. Gaia is a planet where Love would Mirror Love. This means Humanity was originally a Heart based race. A race that felt, experienced and gained knowledge and wisdom through various experiences. There was no mind, as it never existed in all of Creation. Now, you maybe asking yourselves, “What Happened to Humanity? How can there be no mind?”

During the Downfall of Atlantis, Malevolent entities came to the Planet and convinced Humanity that they were their gods. Humanity was at a primitive state, and had little understanding of The Planet, the Universe and God. These entities collaborated with The Atlanteans, to subjugate and imprison the Planet and Humanity. They needed a food source of energy since they decided to disconnect from Source, The Holy Spirit, Mother of All Creation. (Our Mother is Source and Provides for All.) Since they cut themselves from Prime Creator, they needed an energy source to sustain themselves. Humanity was chosen as their primary source of energy. The wars, media, religion, fear mongering, mind control, draining of Gaia’s resources and so much more are proponents of their doing to drain energy from Humanity and the Planet.

Evolution occurs all throughout Creation. Humanity is no exception. These malevolent entities knew this truth, and devised a way to prevent and stop the evolutionary process of Humanity. This is where the Mind=Ego was born. The mind originated in Atlantis, which is a reflection of the Atlanteans themselves. To further create separation, they disconnected the right and left brain function from Humanity (This connection is restored as you dissolve the ego and anchor in more light, such is the magic and miracle of Creation). This in turn, would disconnect Humanity from Source. In addition, they overthrew the Feminine from their place of power and so began The Patriarchal Age.

The mind was created as a food source of energy through Humanity’s negative thoughts. Everything is energy, even thoughts. These Beings also implemented various negative thoughts for Humanity to play out throughout their lifetimes.

The old controllers created a fantasy about the mind and convinced Humanity that they are a race based on thoughts. YOU are NOT your Thoughts. They caused further confusion with those on the spiritual journey by associating the mind with the path of The Heart, using terms such as; Universal Mind, the Higher Mind, Heart Mind, Galactic Mind, God Mind, Mind's Eye and so on and so forth. 

You are ALL HEART. An intuitive race of FEELING. This is your original blue print... The Heart Human. Unlike the Heart, the mind rationalizes, thinks, reasons and creates machinations of past and future events to keep you away from The Present Moment of NOW. It is the Present Moment of NOW that your connection with GOD and all your Brothers and Sisters from Stars and Inner Earth exist. The access point is within your HEART.


To discern and provide clarity whether you or other are functioning within the Universal Mind, here are the Traits:

Intimidator: Steals Energy From Others Using Threat

Interrogator: Steals Energy By Judging and Questioning

Aloofness: Steals Energy By Playing Coy

Poor Me Consciousness: Steals Energy By Making Other Feel Responsible and Guilty for Taking Care of Them


Many of the Lightworkers will be conflict with this information, since the old controllers made the Mind a needed part of Humanity’s existence. This is A Grand Illusion. If the mind is so grand, then I ask you to take a look at the current state of the planet… the masculine… and the feminine… Look into the state of societies, cultures, governments and religions throughout Human HIStory. It is after all, based mostly on HIS-STORY. As long as you are choosing to be in the mind, you will ALWAYS Be Food Source for the Old Controllers. Giving your Power away…

In all of Creation, We are All connected to All That Is… Source, Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation… for We Are All ONE. We are all connected with Our Hearts and The Universal Heart. We Feel… We Know… We LOVE… WE ARE YOU. Your Brother and Sisters in the Upper Dimensions share in your experiences. It is through the Heart that they communicate with you. Also your Divine Gifts and Abilities are accessed. You gain access to the Universal Heart, which is Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom beyond the comprehension of the mind. It is the Heart you Feel, Experience and gain knowledge which turns to wisdom within 3D and beyond. Therefore, the mind lacks wisdom and knowledge as it can never go beyond 4th dimensional frequencies and knowledge.

The old controllers tried many methods to mimic Source as they are always in need of energy to exist. They knew of The Universal Heart and wanted to create something similar. This is where the Universal Mind was born. The Universal Mind is based on the power of thought from the mind. While there is power in thought, it is NOTHING compared to the Power of the Heart. The Heart is God, which the mind can never obtain. The Universal Mind was created to steal and take energy from anyone connected to it. Those that are connected to this construct would eventually develop robotic like patterns, behavior and thinking. It assimilates within the Being and continue the 3D way of existing, thinking that they are spiritual. Similar to the ways of Humanity’s religions, which We All Know how that turns out.

Many of you have gone through intense transformations. Many wonder what energies are you transforming that the experiences are so intense. This is the process of the dissolvement of the Mind=Ego… All the conditionings you acquired throughout this lifetime and many others. Yet, there are those who still choose to hold on to the mind and make their experiences even more painful. Surrender, Embrace, Transform and Let Go Dear Ones… You can choose the easy way or the hard way. As the Energies Intensify, it will put increase pressure on the ego mind. The mind can not function in these energies. It was never meant to. The more you release, the more Light you can anchor and resonate within 5D frequencies and beyond. The more light you anchor in, the grander the experience. This journey is about Feeling, not Thinking. Those thinking or promoting the mind (this includes channelers as many do not follow or practice the knowledge given to them), simply do not understand the journey and process of Ascension as they are choosing not to Feel into their own dense energies.  Those of you who are experiencing the change, know it comes within and all the transformation work that goes along with it.  No one can do this work for you. It is choice.


In order to Sever this connection to the Universal Mind, do the Following;

Envision a Golden Rainbow Sword,

Set forth your intention and power,

Call Out your Angels,

Say: “I Cut All Energetic Cords with the Universal Mind”

Envision cutting those cords,

Bring back all your energies within your Heart.


True Spirituality requires no belief system and certainly NO mind. It is who You Are. It is Being within the Heart… Being Unconditional LOVE. You acknowledge that all is within you and feel God=LOVE… Not think your God. The mind wants to be greater than the Heart. Even the old controllers thought this in their absolute ignorance and arrogance. This is impossible. Creation cannot be controlled. The Mind can never Be Love, let alone comprehend it. LOVE is Here! Mother, The Holy Spirit is Here in the Physical and has made Her commands to the atoms for “Right Action”. Get into Alignment. Your on Mission. Whatever does not Serve Life for the Greater Good of ALL must Dissolve, which includes the Program Ego Mind. There are NO more energies to support the Old Paradigm, say for what Humanity is choosing to support. The Heart is frequency specific to resonate within The Kingdom of Heaven. All that is not frequency specific with the Kingdom of Heaven cannot Exist. As it is Above, so Below…

We Are All One and The Same… Connected with All. Unique like the snowflakes in winter, yet equal in existence and power. You are a Spiritual Being of LOVE, having a Human Experience, on mission to transform all of the darkness and end duality forever. To Bring Unity to the Multi-verse. That is the mission at hand. That is the Divine Plan. This about the Planet, the Universe and All of Creation. Humanity is simply along for the ride, if they so choose... Be Grateful and Honored to be of Service here in these moments, for an untold number of Love Beings wished to be part of what is unfolding.


Dear Ones… I leave you with these words…

“CHOOSE! Choose the Heart or the Mind… LOVE or FEAR… Only ONE May Enter the Kingdom of Heaven. To Choose LOVE, is to choose to embrace the Holy Spirit, Our Mother. To Choose FEAR, is to Deny Her, which is the same as Denying YOURSELVES, as you are Mirrors of Mother & Father of All Creation.”

Choose Wisely Dear Ones…


I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You. Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally… 

Your Loving Brother,


Archangel Michael


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