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Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ The Dark Night of the Soul, Ascension Symptoms and Healing

FCGCT Commentary: We were guided to Re~Post this article to assist the collective in these current energies. Much Love & Blessings to All! 

By Archangel Michael, 04/21/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I have come to assist the collective consciousness with information on what many call “Ascension Symptoms” and “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Yes, they are real and felt by the physical body, which most of the lightworker community is experiencing. Some are going through roundabouts with the Dark Night of the Soul. However, you all have a choice on how you wish to go about these symptoms and healing. In addition, there is a misconception to the root cause to most of these symptoms. We will share light on this topic and assist with methods of healing so that All can choose to move forward in these energies. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.

The astrological alignments are putting out intense energies in conjunction with those from the Galactic Center. These energies are not stopping and will continue to amplify on our beloved Gaia and her inhabitants. You can choose how you wish to go about with these energies. Blissfully or arduously.

There are many common Ascension Symptoms. Some of these experienced by the lightworker community are as follows; tired often, low ambition, ringing sounds, headaches, migraines, skin issues and stomach issues. Theta healing and Reiki will be of little to no assistance, as those are 3d/4d technologies. Keep in your Hearts, your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline, a higher and different frequency and vibration. The old methods of healing are becoming obsolete. 5D and beyond technologies, also known as Pure Heart based Technology will replace the old.  Let us clarify some of these symptoms and the methods of healing.


Healing with The Sacred Flame

We highly recommend utilizing the Emerald Flame of Healing daily in your Meditation. (Mediation with Trees is best). Archangel Raphael is the Keeper of this flame. You may call in Archangel Raphael simply with Love and Gratitude. Then, envision the flame going within your Heart, and then your entire Being. The Emerald Flame assists in Healing the following;

Healing the Physical Body of any ailments, afflictions and diseases,

Healing the Etheric Body,

Healing your Chakras,

Healing of any Heart Break energies. (If you are holding on to any Heart Break energies, we recommend going through the 7 Stages of Grief to transform these energies)


Ringing Sounds

These are downloads of light information. You are constantly be bombarded with light codes to integrate. This even occurs in your sleep. Simply surrender, allow and embrace. The sounds will pass.


Headaches & Migraines

These usually occur with solar flares, increase solar wind streams or high energy blasts. The discomfort can be intense if you are holding on the programmed ego mind and lack of proper nutrition. We like to emphasis, proper nutrition is what you body is requesting… the nutrients needed to better integrate the energies, not what your social, cultural or educational conditioning has implemented. Belief systems will not assist you in this Ascension path and can make it far more difficult. To relieve some of the discomfort, Increase your water intake, (preferably Alkaline Water), ingest coconut oil, and/or colloidal gold.

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Skin Issues

The intense energies cause the skin to respond in various ways, such as rashes or hives. Increasing water intake will assist. In addition, ingesting and applying coconut oil will nourish the skin and body.


Stomach Issues

Many lightworkers are having reoccurring stomach issues. The ego and other dense energies prefer to reside within the solar plexus. A common indicator of this is the misconceived “Gut Feeling”. This is not your intuition… Intuition and wisdom is solely within the Heart, which is felt. The gut feeling is the ego reacting to energies or information, (Ego can not handle Truth, nor can it Be Love). The cosmic energies are bring up any dense energies that doesn’t resonate with your Soul… Love. Your Solar Plexus area may respond in ways which will cause the stomach to have various symptoms. These dense energies around the Solar Plexus have to be transformed to resolve these symptoms. Tune in to your bodies and follow her guidance for proper nourishment. Utilize the Violet Flame for transforming dense energies and the ego programmed mind.


Dark Night of The Soul, Tiredness and other Symptoms

The most common of these Ascension Symptoms is feeling tired, which is accompanied by anxiety, low ambition and a feeling of giving up. Some are even having suicidal thoughts. Tiredness can occur due to an influx of energies. However, if your tired often, there is an entirely different issue. Being tired often, which can be accompanied by various other symptoms, even those provided above, are mostly caused due to the connection of the Mind and the Universal Mind. There is a difference between to two, yet similar in their function. The energies that are being poured out throughout the Multi-verse and this Planet are meant to be integrated in preparation for Unity Consciousness…. The Full Connection of All with the One… The Unified Heart. We are moving from duality to Unity with All of Creation. These energies are meant to be only integrated with the Heart. The Heart is where your Soul and all your Divine Gifts are accessed. It is your connection to Source, Our Prime Creator and Mother.

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The mind and Universal Mind are programming constructs meant to disconnect you All from Source. Those that are feeling tired often, is due to your choice of being in the mind and disconnecting yourselves from Source. Some of you have asked: “How can I be tired often if I am Energy… One that is connected to Source, Love”? Source can only be tapped from within the Heart. There is no energy to support the old paradigm unless your stealing energy from one another, such as what the “old controllers” have done for eons, in Control Dramas.

The other Ascension Symptoms is caused through the connection of the mind and the Universal Mind. All this was intentionally done by the old controllers, to keep humanity the lightworkers trapped in lower frequencies, to keep All away from the Present Moment of Now. The Heart can not be corrupted, so the mind was created to separate All from Source. Once you gain access to your Heart, you access your Divinity. Hence why few Ascended on this planet throughout your Human History. Those that had, released the mind and surrendered to Love=Heart. They had no ego.

 Due to the mis and dis information, many lightworkers are convinced they are connected to Source and moving forward in their spiritual journey, while they think connected to a spiritual, or so called Higher Mind. These lightworkers are de-evolving… which in Truth, you can call these De-Ascension Symptoms, being connected to the Universal Mind. Those connected to the mind and Universal Mind are simply giving their power away to the old controllers and being used as puppets and food. The old controllers and other negative entities are dying in these energies, and need a food source to exist. This is one of the many outlets they steal energy and continue to thrive.

Due to these connections, lightworkers are taking on the energies of the “old controllers”, other lightworkers and darkworkers, who are pouring negative thoughts and other dense energies to poison and disrupt your energetic fields. This is where a lot of the low ambition, suicidal thoughts, Dark Night of the Soul replays and more come into play. Some lightworkers are even lead to think they are transforming planetary energies or karmic cycles, when in truth, they are taking on the baggage of those connected to the Universal Mind construct. These lightworkers are simply going through a “yoyo effect”, going back and forth transforming energies, and never progressing in their spiritual journey, thinking that they are. When you experience LOVE Everywhere Present, then and only then are you on the Path… True Path of LOVE.  Channellers connected to the Universal Mind, are not connecting to the Beings they think they are channeling. They are connecting to Puppet Masters, Handlers and other negative entities posing as the Light. Hence why certain information feels off by the updates provided by those channellers. Ask yourselves: “Why are you going back and forth transforming the same energies?”, “Why are you not in joy, bliss and in Love most or every moment?”

Dear Ones, only the mind keeps you in a loop, and is the cause for fear, pain and suffering. You can claim your Power at any moment. You can choose to be in the mind and the universal mind and continue fear, pain and suffering or choose the heart and unified heart to experience Unconditional Love, Joy and Happiness with All… Unity Consciousness. Choosing both means your choosing the mind… trying to keep your foot in 3d and the other in 5d. This causes more pain and suffering. It’s All in or Nothing. We like to Re~Heart you, Complaining about your experience drops your vibrations significantly. We have noticed those who fall into this mind trap, eventually seek pity and sympathy from others. This is a Control Drama by the ego, meant to steal energy from others. Check yourselves Dear Ones.


Cutting Energy Cords with The Mind & Universal Mind

Call in All the Archangels, Envision a Golden, Rainbow, Violet sword and cut all energy to the Mind and Universal Mind. Then, bring all your energies to the Present Moment of Now, and reattach them to the Heart and Unified Heart. The healing process will take some moments depending on the amount of dense energies infiltrated by the Mind and Universal Mind. Keep in your Hearts Dear Ones, dissolving the programmed ego mind is a process. See it as undressing an onion, removing all the layers, til all that is left is the Inner Child… the Soul… LOVE. Allow your angels and guides to intervene in this process.


We Honor the choices your make Dear Ones… Unconsciously or consciously. These energies will continue to put intense pressure on the mind, to the point of insanity. Some of you are already seeing this within your surroundings, governments and societies. The Ones that have fully embraced the Heart, feel and experience Laughter, Joy, Bliss, Happiness and Unconditional Love. A state of Being... Balanced Harmonics of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. They are lighting the way and Being the example for All. They are the Co~Creators of the New Earth. I bow in Unconditional Love and Honor to all those who have chosen the Path of The Heart and assisted in anchoring the energies of Heaven on Planet Earth=Heart.

Your Brothers and Sisters in the Higher Realms stand by you. Simply Call on Us and we will be there to assist. We and your Soul are your biggest cheerleaders and it brings Us great joy to assist in the Ascension of Our Beloved Mother Gaia and Humanity.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael

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