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Sananda ~ Unlock your Precious Wisdom

FCGCT Commentary: There is Divine Intelligence in the higher realms. There is no mind.

By Alexandra Wenman, 02/14/2016

Wisdom is the spark of divine unconditional love that lies at the heart of every single world religion and spiritual teaching. In truth, it is a wisdom that cannot really be taught. You must be willing to embark on the inner path – the path of self-exploration that leads you towards true self-love. For it is only by truly knowing yourself that you will know God and have the answers to the universe and the real purpose of life on Earth.

Earth is the school for the soul.

We do not stop here. We are merely visitors in this place of learning – arriving in the world of form and matter to accelerate our soul’s growth. The love that we experience here is just the tip of the iceberg compared to who and what we are as a soul.

Precious Wisdom is a divine channelled healing system gifted to the world through Alexandra Wenman by the Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the councils of light to assist us in awakening to our true power – the power of love. This beautiful healing is the energetic gift of Spiritual Alchemy delivered in the form of ancient sacred symbols and the universal golden ray of Lord Melchizedek.

There are many of us at this time who are searching. We have explored many different spiritual paths and ways of tuning into our soul’s calling, following our inner yearning and accessing our own divine power. Many lightworkers and star seeds are beginning to understand this hidden path behind the outer practical teachings of many religions, ancient mystery schools and cultures. Deep within the heart of many such teachings – such as the Kabbalah, the Tao, ancient Egypt and Greece, the Gnostic Gospels, the Shamanic path, Wiccan and Druidic practices – is a secret path that only those who are pure of heart and open of mind will be able to find.

This hidden path has been depicted in ancient symbols for millennia. Many of these powerful symbols have been demonised by the church and turned into symbols of fear to prevent the population from accessing their true birthright and finding the god within. But the true meaning of these symbols is a simple but powerful message of love. In truth, they are all symbols depicting us: the human being as a greater consciousness in physical form, or ‘spirit in matter’.

Precious Wisdom claims back the true meaning of these symbols and, in doing so, aids us in claiming back our own power and finding the God within.

Precious Wisdom is like a golden strand or thread that connects the secret teachings at the heart of the world’s religions. It is the key to our hearts, bringing us back into alignment with our true nature, and assisting us in undoing all our lifetimes of conditioning and control. Precious Wisdom(™) assists in bringing us back to the simple truth that we are – and our purpose is – universal, perennial, undying, everlasting, limitless, pure, divine and unconditional…love.

Channelled message from Sananda:

Every one of you is a higher consciousness driving this vessel you call a body. Just as you drive a car but do not think you are the car, do not think you are your body, for it is only temporary. Get used to the idea that you are a greater mind – part of the mind of God and all of creation. There is no separation. The body is merely your vehicle to house your soul during this momentary glimpse of the world of physical form.

The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion was created by man. Religion has appropriated the true teachings and wisdom so that man could control humanity. Wars have been fought over religious ideology for millennia.

Ask yourself: ‘How can something supposedly built on love lead to war?’

Your heart knows the answer. Your heart is the key to your divinity. Do not blindly follow anyone else’s doctrine or dogma. There is no other guru than your heart. Your heart knows what to do in any given moment. At any given time. Look within and you shall have the answers you seek.

Return to your power, little ones. Claim back your divine right to your heart’s secret murmurings. Switch off the news, leave the church, walk away from those who would ask you to ignore your own guidance, and from those who would tell you never to listen to or speak your own truth, who would tell you not to honour your soul or follow your dreams.

There is no saviour, save yourself. 

It is time to claim back your power! This is not the definition of power that has been misused by so many for so long! This is not about having ‘power over’ someone or something. This is the power of love. It is a quiet, peaceful but all-enduring power, and if you listen to it and be willing to awaken to it, it will begin to nudge you in the right direction for your soul and the path that you were destined for.

As you continue to follow its whispers and grow in faith for it, it will begin to get louder until you can no longer ignore the calling of your heart. And then all the lifetimes of conditioning and control will have no more power over it and no effect on it.

Then the power of your heart will become as a lion’s roar from deep within you. You will drop your masks. You will rise up in love and devotion to your soul and the God that rests within you like a sleeping dragon. A fire will grow within your belly. The fires of your passion, the flames of wisdom will rage through you and you shall be illuminated.

The power of love will guide you to your true soul’s calling and purpose. That purpose is to ignite the pure spark of love within your heart. To know the God within. And then to share of this bounty with all the world to encourage them to do the same.

This is where the world’s religions mistook our message. We did not ask for a forceful approach. We did on no account tell them to push their ideas on to others or to attempt to enslave or entrap. We merely asked them to be examples of the light. They misread that message.

The time has come to set the record straight. A new dawn has approached for humankind. A golden dawn has arisen. Be the light and others will be inspired by your example. That is all you need to do. Be kind, be loving, spread love around and it will catch on like wildfire. The fire of your heart is lit by the torch of the divine. This is a flame that can ever die or be extinguished. It can only be diminished if you allow it to be. Do NOT allow it. Breathe love into your heart and the flame shall billow and burst forth.

Be as a lantern in the dark of night, radiating warmth and giving off light.

 Only then will you have achieved what you came to the world of matter to achieve and you shall be guided home. For many of you, this is your last incarnation on Earth. What will you choose to do with your remaining time here? Do not ignore the inner nudgings of your soul.

To thine own self be true!!!!!! This is all you have to do. Be the light, shine bright.

In love and service, Jesus / Jeshua / Sananda. xxxx

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