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Mary Magdalene & Yeshua ~ Beyond The Limits of Masculine & Feminine Attraction

FCGCT Commentary: Move beyond 4D and you will see through the eyes of the Heart. You will see True Reality of Love Everywhere Present

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: Traditionally, men have been attracted to women because of their youth and beauty, and women have been attracted to men because of their wealth and success. How can we go beyond these limitations?

Mary Magdalene: Thank you so much for this question. This is a question I think many people have, especially those who already have some degree of awakening to their spirituality and the spiritual process.

Many people are wondering if the traditional forms of attraction may be limiting them in their opening to love and consciousness. They wonder if these forms of attraction are limiting them in their choice of partners and who they relate to in intimate partnership. And they wonder if these kinds of attractions are also limiting them in their life and world altogether. So I would like to speak to this.

The first thing I want to say is that the attributes you’re referencing of beauty and youthfulness are wonderful things to be loved and enjoyed.

In fact, when you transition into the fourth dimension, where the primary learning is about manifestation, one of the first and primary things all of you will become adepts at is your own manifestation. In general, what you will be manifesting is beauty and youth for yourself. (Laughing) This is a wonderful practice.

If you encounter and have the opportunity to connect with fourth-dimensional beings, you will notice that they are very beautiful and youthful because they have mastered this practice of manifestation. In the third dimension, most people are not yet aware of their ability to manifest youth and beauty, or anything else for that matter. So you are manifesting something different, by and large, throughout all of humanity, because you have not understood the process of manifestation.

I’ve digressed a bit from the question and I want to get back to it. I just wanted to emphasize that there’s nothing at all wrong with youth and beauty. These are wonderful, divine qualities to be enjoyed.

Yet you do not want to be limited by these. You do not want to be limited to only seeing the outer form.

We recommend that you go beyond the limitation of only seeing the physical form or aspect of youth or beauty. We recommend instead seeing the heart and consciousness of the person. Let yourself be fed by the person’s heart and consciousness, which are their exalted forms of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

What you will find when you do this is that these people will begin to become beautiful to you. You are actually changing your manifestation through that creation. You may even see them as youthful. Your reality will begin to change.

The same goes for seeing people as wealthy or successful. When you are seated in your heart and consciousness, you will begin to see the incredible wealth and success of every being you encounter. Just the fact that they are manifested in the Earth realm and are engaging the spiritual work that they’re engaging, is such a manifestation of the success of their spirituality and this whole creation process that you are all a part of.

And there’s incredible wealth in having so many beings manifested and bringing their qualities into your world. When you understand how everyone is a manifestation of God in human form, and that they’re bringing that to you in this moment, there’s nothing more abundant, nothing more truly filled with wealth than that.

As you all grow, this is what you will be experiencing more and more.


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