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Light of The Ancients

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By Christine Preston

This is an Article I have written as a means of introduction to the Rosary to Archangel Michael – practiced in the Summit Lighthouse - for people who call themselves 'lightworkers' and have not heard of the existence of the Summit Lighthouse, nor of the tools provided in the Ascended Masters' teachings. This article also aims to contribute some understanding as regard the fact the Rosary permits HEAVENLY forces to intervene and assist us.

This rosary dictated to E C Prophet in 1985 contains information about the sinister force in embodiment, how their malintent attracts the Judgment. The Armageddon is a battle at soul level as well as in the world because the sinister force attacks the innocents due to having an agenda of control and desire to oppose the divine plan of Ascension.

With the Rosary for the Armageddon, we call to the Light of the Ancient of Days Sanat Kumara, the Great Central Sun, the Elohim and the ‘Light of far off worlds’, the Cosmic Councils of the Sun and Great White Brotherhood, to send us ‘the luminous presence of Archangel Michael’, his legions of the angels of the 1st Ray, as well as Archangel Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, and Uzziel. We request that the armies of the Lord, the company of saints - and in fact the host of the LORD ‘from every SYSTEM and GALAXY and STAR’- to descend from the realms of Spirit which the lightworkers refer to as 'HIGHER DIMENSIONS'. We ask them to descend for the deliverance of souls, men and women and nations. We ask this as well as for Archangel Michael's intervention – The request is made in the Name I AM THAT I AM. The Prince of the Archangels is the one who keeps the vigil of our very life. The call is also made to the ‘NINE POWERS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and ANGEL CHOIRS thereof,' and alo to the 'hosts of seraphim in the name of JUSTINIUS, Captain of Seraphic bands,' as well as to the mighty cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life.

‘The Way of the Tree of Life’ is the way of life according to a Mystery School of Lord Maitreya during the Atlantean age for Ascension. The fable concerning the Tree of Life in Genesis is a remembrance of it.

The call is also made to the ‘Four and Twenty Elders,’ to Almighty God, to the legions of Jesus Christ and entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. We request that the entire planetary body be cleaned out by the ‘blessed legions of the LORD’s hosts, the Cosmic Christ, Alpha and Omega, the legions of Surya and Cuzco, the legions of the First Ray of God’s Will serving under the banner of LORD MAITREYA and the WORLD MOTHER, the Mighty Blue Eagle from SIRIUS and the Great Teams of Conquerors.’ ‘Surya’ is of the Great Central Sun and the Blue Eagle seems to be a reference to some Galactic forces from THE CONSTELLATION OF SIRIUS.

This Rosary was released through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood – E. C. Prophet – April 5, 1985. It was published in the Pearl of Wisdom vol 28, no. 19 and on CD 93070.
[The audio CD D11008 (2011) at intermediate pace, together with a leaflet, includes an actual dictation/transmission or message from Archangel Michael that is particularly extraordinar. It can be ordered].

Concerning the deeds of the embodied sinister force, there is information here and there in the Decree book such as in ‘I ratify the Judgment of Helios and Vesta’ (20.12) concerning the ‘clones and counterparts and counterfeit creation of the fallen ones whose intention it was of taking over the planetary body, and turn the population into submissive servants and slaves of the Nephilim.

Archangel Michael is called the ‘Defender of the Church.’ This Church appears to be symbolic of the souls of mankind that have a connection with the Divine [in the threefold flame of the Heart]. It's the Collective. The ‘sinister force’ in embodiment doesn’t have this connection.

The collective of mankind is that Church that is the bride of Christ, the one that is both PERSONAL and UNIVERSAL - Archangel Michael is the Defender of the faith and he is the defender of the Woman Clothed with the Sun and her Manchild.

These two figures are from the book of Revelation. The Woman is in connection with the souls. The Manchild is the Christ consciousness this woman is about to give birth to. But the red Dragon is ready to devour it. This is symbolic of what is happening to mankind at this time of struggle between light and dark, with the Armageddon of the soul, on the path of Ascension.

The reason that the Woman is ‘clothed with the Sun’ relates to the fact that the soul is to be given a garment weaved by the angels. The soul has to be the bride of Christ for the ascension. It has no gender but symbolically is the bride wearing a wedding garment weaved by the angels.

‘Death and Hell’ or the ‘pit’ are words used in the Rosary to allude to the lower astral plane where dwell unclean spirits and fallen angels ‘whose hour has come for the Final Judgment before the Court of the Sacred Fire’.

The concept of the Judgment has its origin in the apocryphal Christian scripture such as the Book of Enoch which was an important background of interpretation for the students of the Ascended Masters in past decades, going back to the 1950s. ‘Judgment’ can have the sense of ‘assessment’, or ‘ruling’ (decision/adjudication). The Rosary states that, together with his armies sent from higher octaves or legions of Light throughout the Galaxies of Light, Archangel Michael assists us with the cleaning out of the pit, as well as with the casting of the entire astral plane into the ‘LAKE OF SACRED FIRE’. This Sacred Fire transmutes. It’s the most powerful force in the Universe.

The Rosary gives Archangel Michael permission to intercede on our behalf. In his actual message delivered in 1985 he states he is authorised to ‘step up our four lower bodies’ (the vehicles for the soul in the four elements) for our protection and for an acceleration/initiation on the path of Ascension. He explains that 'God allows the fallen one to attempt to destroy the lightbearers' then this ‘malintent’ is judged and 'becomes the final judgment.' He says that Christ consciousness is descending in mankind for the Judgment and that 'there is no other reason than the Judgment for its descent'.

The energies released by prayers, decrees, and rosaries, are used on the situations that are the most dire, and if there aren’t enough calls to permit interventions, some causes of lesser necessities may not receive assistance. Archangel Michael says in this message of 1985 that the situation was critical. He speaks of the need to expose the fallen ones who steal the Light, who rape the chakras. 'The people do not know when their chakras have been raped.' He says the 'ARCHANGELS CANNOT ACT IN THE PHYSICAL OCTAVE' TO RESCUE THE SOULS OF LIGHT WITHOUT THE CALLS FOR THIS INTERVENTION. IT’S FOR OUR ASCENSION AND 'FOR THE ARCHANGELS TO STEP THROUGH THE VEIL.'

He says ‘the representatives of Freedom must fight but no battle must be fought except by the power of the word’. He ends his message saying that the possible sequence is ‘the descent from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN OF THAT LIGHT OF TEN THOUSAND SUNS, EVEN THAT OF THE GOD STAR SIRIUS….’

The Rosary is for the deliverance of the planetary body according to Divine Plan, ‘from the genetic engineering of the fallen ones, from nuclear war, from terminal diseases’… ‘from strains of darkness devouring the souls of people.’ Archangel Michael can also cut us free from those aspects of the self that are less than Christ consciousness. I think that despite the progress that may have been accomplished since the 1980s the Company of HEAVEN would like more people to take up the calls and decrees, as well as this Rosary, for events to unfold and the protection of the innocents as part of the Ascension.


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