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Perceiving The Light

FCGCT Commentary: The Ego dwells in the stomach (Gut). Intuition is within the Heart. Follow the Heart as your soul, angels and guides commune there.

By Alexander, 10/18/2016

Our innate ability to observe the world around us is chiefly a manifestation of our eyes’ ability to perceive visible Light. Our eyes perform the duty of aiding our visual perceptions by projecting an image of whatever we are seeing from our eyes to our brain. Our brain then serves to interpret our perceived image into familiar objects. The visible Light enhancing the images of our eyes’ observations is mainly supplied by our Sun’s Light. Our modern lifestyle, dear Ones, has largely been achieved through the development of artificial light to enhance our eyes’ ability to perceive visible Light even when the Sun is not present in our local sky. Visible Light, however, only represents a minute fraction of all the Light available in our Universe, as our eyes only operate to perceive images in the visible Light around us and not the “invisible” Light available throughout our Universe. We use the principles of “invisible” Light in our everyday world. Sources of the “invisible” Light we commonly use on an everyday basis are microwave Light to heat up our foods in a microwave oven, radio wave Light when we use our mobile phones or tune into our television or radio sets. We even use X-ray Light whenever we may need an internal body examination requiring an X-ray image of our body. Our modern lifestyles have vastly improved with the development of artificial Light and the utilization of “invisible” Light to enhance the way humans communicate with one another and with the early detection of health issues.

Our body’s ability to observe the world around us is primarily achieved through our eyes’ ability to perceive visible Light. Our Souls, however, provide us with our own Perception and Awareness Center for detecting and perceiving the “invisible” Light available throughout the Universe! Our Soul’s ability to detect and perceive the invisible electromagnetic Light Waves produced by the many “invisible” Light Sources of the Universe is achieved through our Solar Plexus Chakra! Our Solar Plexus Chakra, dear Ones, functions to align and engage our Soul with the Universal Energies and the many “invisible” Light Sources available in the Universe! Whenever we get a “gut feeling,” premonition, or an intuitive feeling about a certain person or situation in our Life, we initially think this may be a coincidence. But as our experience increases with these “gut feelings” and intuitive “hits,” we learn to pay attention, listen, and trust them! Our “gut feelings” and intuitive “hits” are not manifested as a result of what we are observing with our eyes but through the manifestation of our Solar Plexus Chakra’s ability to perceive the invisible electromagnetic Light Waves from the many “invisible” Light Sources of the Universe! Our abilities to perceive and interact with the “invisible” Light Sources of the Universe will soon become vital for our participation in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension! Not because our eyes will be losing their ability to perceive visible Light but just the opposite!

Looking for visible Light during the daytime is not really a task, for this is what our eyes were designed to do! Even our nighttime skies can provide us glimpses of visible Light through the Moon’s reflective qualities shining our Sun’s Light back down upon us. In a night devoid of our Moon’s presence, our eyes have an ability to observe the visible Light of the many Sun-Stars in the skies above, albeit not as brightly as our daytime sunlight! Our eyes, dear Ones, are not designed to perceive and detect the “invisible” Light from the many sources of our Universe! Rather, the task of perceiving and detecting the “invisible” Light from our Universe is assigned to our Solar Plexus Chakra! The role of our Solar Plexus Chakra will be increasing in the days to come, as Mother Earth will be completing the Middle Transition segment of her evolving Fifth Dimension Transition on November 24, 2016, when Mother Earth will be aligning her own Solar Plexus Chakra into the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars! By aligning her own Solar Plexus Chakra into the Universal Grid on November 24, 2016, she will not only be marking the end of her Middle Transition segment but also initializing her Final Transition segment! The world of the Universe’s “invisible” Light will also be increasing in lucidness for every Soul to “see” by Perceiving the Light of the Universe with his or her own Solar Plexus Chakra beginning on November 24, 2016, as Mother Earth moves to finalize her Fifth Dimension Transition and open us all to the Presence of Universal Light for all times!

Our eyes deceive us by not detecting the Presence of Universal Light all around us every day, every hour, every moment, and every second! But that is not what they were designed for, as it is our Solar Plexus Chakra’s role to enable and enhance our abilities of Perceiving the Light of the Universe! Every Lightworker Soul already has an innate ability to receive and respond to his or her “gut feelings” and intuitive “hits” on a daily basis but may not always choose to respond to them. Some evolving Man of Light Souls have also attained this ability but may or may not have chosen to enact upon his or her “gut feelings” or intuitive “hits” for his or her Soul’s Purpose. In either case, Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world has been over since May 22, 2016 when Mother Earth became a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet! In our present days, dear Ones, Mother Earth will be producing her second internal “Star Burst” from October 27 through November 16, 2016! The Energy of Mother Earth’s second internal “Star Burst” is designed to manifest every Soul’s gift and talent designed for the Fifth Dimension! The only way any Soul will become aware of the fact that he or she is manifesting his or her new gifts and talents for the Fifth Dimension will be through the increased awareness of his or her own “gut feelings” and intuitive “hits!” This will only be achieved through the alignment of your own Solar Plexus Chakra into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! Our eyes will not become obsolete in the Fifth Dimension instead they will be opened for Perceiving the Light of the entire Universe!

Mother Earth will be completing the Middle Transition segment of her entire Fifth Dimension Transition on November 24, 2016 by aligning her Solar Plexus Chakra into the Universal Grid of the Sun-Stars. Additionally she will also be initiating the Final Transition segment of her entire Fifth Dimension Transition! Mother Earth’s Final Transition segment will begin on November 24, 2016 when she aligns her Solar Plexus Chakra followed by the alignment of her Crown Chakra on January 15, 2017 and finally completing with the alignment of her Heart Chakra on March 8, 2017. Her entire Fifth Dimension Transition will be finalized on March 27, 2017! With our innate ability for Perceiving the Light of our entire Universe, dear Ones, will come the perception of an entirely New Reality and New Horizon of experience! One that will find us located within a synchronic merging of Time, Space, and Dimension – the experience of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension in its fullness! The experience of the New Reality and New Horizon will not be achieved through the primitive experiences drawn mainly from our five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, but through the enhancement of our Seven Member Chakra System to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the actuality of our Soul’s entire ensemble of capabilities! All of this is made possible through our ability of Perceiving the Light all around us and enriches our Soul’s ability to Create with Universal Light, Universal Love, and Universal Harmony!


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