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We Are The First Contact Ground Crew Team, who are preparing to take Humanity Home Into The Light.

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ Acknowledge Your Divinity

FCGCT Commentary: Your Divinity is within your Heart!

By Daniel Scranton

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

If you have any doubt whatsoever of your own Divinity, then you are certainly going to doubt the Divinity of other beings, whether they be human, animal, or extra-terrestrial. But once you recognize your own Divinity, and you know the truth of that Divinity without a doubt, that is when you will begin to treat other beings with reverence.

And once you recognize your own Divinity, you will also not fear anyone else. Do you know what prevents you from worry and fear? It is the knowing that comes with that certainty that you are Divine Beings of Love and Light. As a Divine Being of Love and Light, you have the ability to create whatever experience you want. And when you can create whatever experience you want, then you have no need to fear that someone else is going to come along and create your reality for you.

Some of you fear yourselves. You fear your own power. You fear what you might do if you were to access your true nature. But one who knows him or herself as Divine, as truly Divine, has no need for that type of abusive power. You have no need for control of any other when you step into the knowing of your own power, which comes from that full acknowledgement of your Divinity.

Acknowledging your Divinity does not inflate your ego. It informs your ego. It informs your ego that there’s nothing to fear and that no one can harm you. We suggest that you acknowledge your Divinity and that you live your lives with that knowing.

If you can access the truth of who you really are as Infinite Beings of Love and Light, then you can live the lives that you have always dreamt of and so can all of your fellow co-creators in this beautiful universe. Acknowledging the Divinity in all forms of life is not disempowering. It is merely a statement of truth, and the truth shall set you all free.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

We are realizing that the energies are really intense NOW. Most of the Wavers are struggling with 3d illusion conditioning (social, cultural, institutional and mind programming). When you’re feeling blockage, ready to give up, understand your status as an Ascension Waver (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and be completely free of 3d illusion conditioning (social, cultural, institutional and mind programming), we can help you in your Awareness and will give you the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light. We The First Contact Ground Crew are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension which has been Underway since the End of September and will spiral this year in March and Another in August. Allow us to ReHeart you that this is The Great Awakening for ALL of Humanity. One must awaken first before they can Ascend. Trusting this process is KEY, which means fully trusting and surrendering to LOVE and the Divine Plan in every moment.  This is why We Will Help you to Get Ready and can Assist You into Awakening into 5d Reality, where your experience is One of Constant Joy, Wholeness of Being, Whole Health, Balanced Harmonics, Happiness and Abundance. Lets DO THIS! Together We Got This! Schedule an Amazing Awakening Session with Mother & Father of All Creation. Below by following the Link! We are Here in The Highest Love, Honor, and Respect to Be Humanity's Representatives of The New Paradigm of True Freedom, Abundance, True Equality, A Completely Balanced Being and a Completely Benevolent Society! This is our Destiny as The Old illusion of power over and dysfunction dissolve. Allow us to be of service to You. "LOVE" has said "ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST IN UNLIMITED THOUGHT, All possibilities of the HIGHEST Outcome for the GREATER GOOD Of ALL only exist IN THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW” ~For All the Details you can Follow this Link:

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