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The Pleiades ~ The Codes of Ascension and Unity Consciousness

FCGCT Commentary: This is happening in these Now Moments

Posted by Galacticdrago6, 05/20/2016

By Rae Chandran

Blessings, my dear fellow beings. This is DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleiades. In this short message, we bring forth some new ideas about DNA and how to use sound to activate it not only in your physical body but also in your energetic body, which extends all the way to the twelfth dimension. At the present time on the planet, very little is known about the DNA in the energetic body, but that is where most of the unknown
DNA of humans lies. Note that just as each person on the planet is unique in the characteristics of his or her fingerprints and irises, there are also specific, individualized DNA strands. Furthermore, there are masculine and feminine strands of DNA that are also unique. One must consider all these facts when we talk about the importance of DNA and its activation.

What is the purpose of understanding and activating the individual and quantum DNA? It is to expand the energy field and thus connect you to the basic core of the self. What is the basic core of the self? It is to be in harmony with all of creation and to be one with the creative process of the universe — in other words, to be a natural contributor to the very process of creation along with the Creator. This is the very essence of the Adam code that you all carry within yourselves, and when you expand your energy and connect with this energy field, you naturally return to this state of consciousness. This Adam code consciousness is located in the thirty-third chakra, which is far above the head (almost 12 meters) and is directly related to the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. When you activate this consciousness, you live in true unity and unity consciousness.

The Three Unifying Layers and the Codes of Ascension
The codes of ascension are tied to unity consciousness. There are many layers to full ascension. It is good to keep in mind that although you may have attained this level of consciousness, you must call forth the next three layers of ascension, which include unifying with the universal feminine body, unifying with the universal masculine body, and finally, unifying with the universal platinum body. Only when you reach this stage will you be allowed to participate in the creation along with the Creator. This process from ascension to the full integration of the platinum body will take about two to three years, depending on the initiate’s inner light and dedication. In the first process of ascension, although you may have merged with the larger part of your soul, there will still be doubts, confusion, challenges, and other thought forms. When you integrate the universal feminine body, you will be imprinted with the codes necessary for fully birthing new consciousness for the everyday world, and this will create a better lifestyle for you. When you fully integrate the universal masculine consciousness, you will be imprinted with the codes from the galactic and solar levels, by which you will fully understand, remember, and be able to experience your energy from that level. In other words, you will fully remember your star heritage.

When you fully integrate the universal platinum body, you will fully understand the workings of the cosmos and will become a junior player in the co-creative process of the universe.

The first step is the most difficult. In that stage, you are challenged to embrace unity consciousness on the earth level. Many beings say that they are in unity consciousness, but speaking about unity consciousness and experiencing it are two different things. Your difficulty in this stems from your upbringing, your cultural values, the programming you’ve undergone in this and other lifetimes, and your concepts of religion and God. To experience unity consciousness, you need to develop nonlinear thinking and to think through your body and heart instead of through your mind. When you fully accept the higher attributes of emotions such as love, grace, understanding, acceptance, and gratitude, you naturally awaken the next level of consciousness. When this happens, your bodies, especially the four bodies you are familiar with, will fully cooperate and open to their highest potential energy, and this is programmed into your individual DNA.

Sounds that Activate DNA and Heal Your Bodies
One way you can activate your DNA is to focus on the soles of the feet and envision a pyramid coming up from beneath them. The top, or apex, of the pyramid touches the base of the nose right between the two nostrils. Then chant, “Uuaa Tatt Iskk.” Do this for twenty-one days and for a minimum of twenty-one chants each day. For better results, let your left hand be in a prayer position in front of your heart and your right hand fully open between your second and third chakras. These sounds have the capacity to remove all the blockages piled up in the four bodies and act like a cleaning or clearing mechanism. They penetrate deep into the four layers of consciousness in the cells and also remove blocks in muscles, bones and blood. Blockages occur not only in the physical body but also in all other bodies. Some of these blockages are absorbed from the collective consciousness and from the astral realms. The sounds also help cleanse and reset the auric field. When this happens, your energy body will start to vibrate at a higher frequency. Every person has a luminous body of light circulating around him or her, and when it is clear and pure, it emits lights that can extend more than 50 or 100 meters.

There are two types of light within you: electric and magnetic. Magnetic is the most influential. This is what fully ties you to the illusion and the third dimension. When you can manage and fully integrate both types of light, you can create balanced energy inside which will naturally create balanced experiences outside. There are 144 codes within you (your combined bodies) from all realities and dimensions, and certain conditions need to exist for them to fully activate. One principle condition is experiencing unity consciousness inside and outside yourself. Many times, you cannot experience this because deep-seated fear stems from past lives and your religious belief systems. So when you give intent and work with activating the DNA on the physical level, it is good to ask to resolve and heal the emotional DNA, which in turn can help heal the wounded heart and work with the fear. The activation of this physical DNA is also linked to your mental body and Earth. Earth experiences produce states of mind that can create the energy of fear in the mental body, such as the fear for survival or of abandonment.

There are two sounds you can use to heal the emotional and mental bodies. When you heal these bodies, the codes within them open. The healing sound
for the emotional body is “Sa Me Hey Yaa Koo,” and the healing sound for the mental body is “Kuu Maat Tatt Mmmmmm.” The sounds are to be made as mentioned earlier: over twenty-one days twenty-one chants each time. We will bring forth further understanding in future channelings to fully embrace the other layers of ascension energy. I am Rheumeain, DNA master from
the Pleiades.


Rae Chandran creates individual and healing soul symbols that are channeled from ascended masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St. Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and a host of other light beings. Rae has been on the path of self-discovery for some time and teaches spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for audiences around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours to sacred energy spots. To learn more, go to


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