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November 23 2015 Energy of the Day - Building to Full Moon in Gemini

By Gaiablooming, 11/23/2015

Horoscope November 23 2015

Wowee! And we are off, Sagittarius style into a big week of astro energy as we build to a Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday and a square between Saturn and Neptune on Thursday, as well as Chiron preparing to move Direct on Friday! The big energy that we are definitely feeling today is around the square and the waxing Moon energy. The square, which is one of 3 over the next year, is really a paradigm shifter with reality potentially opening to layers previously not experienced as “realistic.” We are understanding more and more the power of the unseen in our daily lives. Saturn in Sagittarius is making us open up to and look at the truths and beliefs we have held and how they are shaping our lives, for better or for worse. Neptune can bring miracles on high but can also be a portal for escape or illusion. However, Saturn is asking you to be present and open to shifting your truth, recognizing that as much as we know, we never really know all. And Neptune is promising to reveal deeper truths when we are willing to show up and accept and expect the unseen to do its part. Hold space for miracles in this shift. This will be on-going through this week but also through the next year as it comes together several times. And recognize the resistance that comes up in square energy is the resistance you are ultimately working through in yourself! There is also an aspect of time coming up in this energy. Saturn is “Father Time” while Neptune has other agendas beyond paying attention to time. We want our miracles and we want them now (I so relate to this) but there is a universal plan that is unfurling with perfect divine artistry. Don’t stop aiming when it doesn’t appear instantly. Life is a journey and every desire unfurling is a delicious part of this journey. Give the time needed and relax into the miracle of right now. Beyond that, the astro today may show us areas where we can work through this energy in relationships with Venus in Libra connecting to Chiron and Uranus and Mars to Saturn. Remember the strength and power in allowing in relationships whether you are allowing yourself to be who you are, or you are allowing another to be who they are. Part of the expansion with Sun in Sagittarius tunes us into allowing and ultimately how freeing it can be. Mercury is at 4 degrees so your mind will be evolving on this subject but sometimes the evolution happens after we get stuck. Remember that you can always shift yourself. That power is always yours to behold. The Moon in Taurus, helping us build to the Full Moon in Gemini, is reminding us to take in Mother Nature’s beauty to expand our pleasure and therefore love energy and productivity. There is so much good energy available to you in connecting to Nature to help get us started on the adventure of this week! Read more about Sagittarius energy in blogs from Mimi and Shannon Here and Here! Namaste!


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Take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3