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November 25 2015 Energy of the Day FULL MOON IN GEMINI

By Gaiablooming, 11/25/2015

Horoscope November 25 2015 FULL MOON IN GEMINI

Happy FULL MOON IN GEMINI day! The Moon will reach her peak to 2:44 pm PST today. The Full Moon in Gemini is such an interesting placement because it brings the energy of the mind full throttle into the land of feelings and emotions. There is also so much other astro going on to fill into this Full Moon energy. The Full Moon is a time of release. The Moon represents that which is hidden in us, and often pushed aside to be dealt with at another time… and when she reaches the fullness its like the universe saying, “ok times up…deal with this now!” I think one of the things to be most alert for with this Full Moon is the tendency of the mind to tell stories. If you listen, we are often making up “stories” based on our impression of people’s words, actions, expressions, lack of expression, etc. I think its important to recognize that it truly never is about the other person but about the self. For instance, if I was walking down the street and called to a friend, and she respond, I could tell the story of being hurt and ignored… However from my friend’s perspective, she had headphones on and was in her own world. Recognize that your mind loves retelling a good story and with this energy, awareness can help put the kibosh on any self defeating energy. Beyond this, there is so much going on with the Saturn Neptune square reaching its first exact aspect tomorrow. The other planets are gathering around and participating in this connection. So much came up around this and with the Full Moon… The video goes into this in more details but really, while we are waiting on the world to change, we gotta get busy looking at our perspective and integration of all parts. The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius at 3 degrees (where the Sun is holding space opposite the Moon) is, ” Two men playing chess,” and sometimes this is how I think we view life… black and white, me against them, every move a strategy. However the Sabian symbol for Gemini 3 degrees where the Moon is full is, The garden of the Tuileries in Paris,” reminding us that we can create so much beauty when we put down the bows and arrows. I think there is a lot of internal battle, even in the “light workers” about the ways of the world right now and the state of the world right now… but I know for sure that we don’t win when we fall out of love, out of the heart, out of the beauty that is. Let your release in this Full Moon be the need for cleverness to conquest and instead a wide expansive love that blankets yourself and then the world. SO much more in the video! Check that out below! Namaste!


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