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April 17 2016 Energy of the Day ~ MARS RETROGRADE

By Gaiablooming, 04/17/2016

Horoscope April 17 2016 MARS RETROGRADE

Today we have Mars going retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius, moving back into Scorpio 23 degrees before going direct again on June 29. I think Mars retrograde is going to be a beautiful journey that takes us deeper into a sense of intimacy with ourselves. Mars is the planet of action, primal masculine energy, passion, aggression, and desire. As it goes retrograde, it doesn’t mean that these energies go away, but the action and energy takes on a deeper feeling within, and if we allow ourselves to go into the root of our desire, that which enlivens the passion and action, we have potential to become reacquainted with the root and sacral chakra energies that work with the Mars energy and form a new understanding or intimacy with ourselves. Its really a beautiful process. Yes, it does mean that some things we have momentum with at the moment may slow down a bit, but that slow down doesn’t mean its a no or won’t happen. Its a call to communion within yourself to do some shift within. Notice where your desire is focused but are your actions and passionate actions in alignment with what you truly desire (always going back to being impeccable with your desire…) Are you feeling aggression about things not unfolding… this is another call to look within and notice what blocks are holding you back.. I feel that the third eye, and root and sacral chakras will be very active and cleansed through this process. Its a gift. Take the time the universe is giving you, to get intimate with yourself and allow the clarity of your soul desire to show you how to move. There is an element of surrender and Mars isn’t always great at that energy, but in the service of retrograde, the masculine learns the power and action and strength of surrender. Besides this energy, we have the Moon in Virgo bringing the attention to our body. Our body really is the antenna receptor for all the energies going on and will show you how to begin this retrograde action of Mars. Listen to your body and let it guide you in and through this. The Moon will square Mars and the old habits of ignoring the calls of the body may initially be a struggle, but I often think this is more based on the mind thinking that it always has to do do do to get what it wants. As Mercury and Pluto are working together today with Vesta energy, there’s an opportunity to shift this and recognize that aligned action or aligned surrender are both responsible for bringing us what we want in life. Moon connecting to Neptune brings some healing and the possibilities of miracles. Let the universe work its magic and dance with it! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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