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April 21 2016 Energy of the Day ~ FULL MOON IN SCORPIO

By Gaiablooming, 04/21/2016

Horoscope April 21 2016 FULL MOON IN SCORPIO

The astro for today has us in the building mode all through the day to a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. The Full Moon is a time for release and to truly embrace the feelings that are surfacing to be felt and processed. This Full Moon feels particularly potent as it is at 2 degrees in Scorpio… 2 degrees is the energy of feelings and emotions and the need for comfort and nurturing. Scorpio, as an energy right now, is particularly deep as its ruling signs, Mars and Pluto are retrograde, turning us deeper within to process. (you can read more about Pluto and Mars retrograde here and here) Scorpio is the sign of transformation, boundaries, rebirth, sexuality and power and I feel the energy of power is what we are being focused to with this full moon. Its easy and common to feel powerless in the world. From the time we are little, we are taught to hand our power over to authority and dismiss the own calling we have from our inner intelligence. We’ve also been taught that to feel is powerless and unless its a socially acceptable feeling, to hide it or not feel it at all. This Moon is breaking through those old paradigms reminding us that in every decision, action, thought, emotion, purchase, we have power and the power to be in it. Every yes and no that you wield is your decision of power. In this Moon, we’re allowing the broken pieces to surface and show us that we are still whole. The sabian symbol for 2 degrees Scorpio is, “A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance.” This reminds me of the quote by Mark Twain, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” In the past, you may have felt that your power, your essence was crushed, but in fact, in the process of forgiveness, we recognize it just released a powerful part of your essence. Yours is the power to step up with the wounds and all, recognizing your wholeness. I also feel that this moon is bringing forward the energy of forgiveness. One of the biggest part of our wounds is the hurt and anger still carried. If it surfaces in this Full Moon energy, process it and then forgive yourself and the other for not being perfect. We didn’t come here as robots. Your imperfections, your wounds, your feelings, the parts you’ve hidden, are all parts of your super powers. Take back the power of your glorious self.
Interestingly enough, the only connection the Moon has through the day as it builds to the Full Moon, is one with Lilith in Libra, helping us break through the old feminine paradigm. A big part of our power, masculine and feminine, lies with the suppressed feminine energies within us. Lilith at 26 degrees in Libra is asking us to just show up for whatever we are feeling. The Void of course moon brings a quiet that is meant to propel us deeper into our lower chakras. We are also building to a connection with Venus and Uranus tomorrow, which will be liberating us on another level, so for now, process those feelings and hold space for anything that comes up in you, and your break-through will be magnificent. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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