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LoveHasWon Daily Tarot Reading 10~11~16

By Zephyr, 10/11/2016

Oracle Report – Tarot Cards – 10/11/16

General overview - 6 of Wands` - 6 of Pentacles` - XV - The Devil` - Pueo`

Triumph * Acclaim * Pride * Having/Not Having * Resources * Knowledge * Power * Bondage * Materialism * Ignorance * Hopelessness * Dignity * Omens * Guidance * Protection * Wisdom * Knowledge * Inspiration * Mysteriousness * Violence * Sacredness * Diversity * Aumakua - ancestor showing up as a Spirit animal

As we know love has won! The Six of Wands tells us just that here. It is the best time to jump on any projects or ventures that have been on our to-do lists for some time. Here is our time to step out of our comfort zones and shine our brightest for all to see. Anything we invest our energies into will likely result in a success, however, with that fulfillment, we must use our better judgment when displaying these accomplishments for others to see. Having pride in One's self along with self-confidence are noteworthy traits that will be of great aid in tackling challenges and juking that which would alter our chosen states of being. But, take heed that this state of air may incite envy amongst observers. Remember love beings we are the example, the way-showers! Choose the higher path, the path of least resistance, for optimal results in any event. Part of being a lightworker means to know balance and to be Love in Action, as to spread the highest example humanly possible. The Six of Pentacles reminds us of balance. The ebb and flow of giving and receiving. Giving too much of ourselves away depletes our life force, therefore, we are unable to share with the world, our unique gifts. If we are constantly receiving and hardly ever paying it forward, we stoop to taking from our environment, social circles, relationships, the planet, or any exchange with other beings we may find ourselves in. Spoils are best enjoyed and appreciated when our own hard work and strife has paved the way for us rather than accepting credit for the toils of others. The expression, ‘we reap what we sow’, fits the Six of Pentacleswell, as whatever energies we invest our attentions into, is what we will be attracting towards us. Leading us to XV - The Devil, which is a strong influence from our egos. Simply stating, unconsciousness is the lack of awareness. We may unwittingly find ourselves in a "same story, different book" type situation. In this instance, how do we become aware of the things we don't know? First, we must make an observation that we are partaking in behaviors that are NOT serving our highest good and potential happiness. What has our average daily joy levels been like? How happy are we in our current state of events? Have we settled for less than life has to offer? No worries, loves! Recognizing behaviors in other's that trigger us out of our happy place can be a call for thanks! What we see in others is a direct reflection of what we see in ourselves. When we look at the "flaws" in others, we could look more closely at what we are hiding from ourselves. If we have not been brutally honest with ourselves by now, there has never been a better time to let go of the heavy burden of our own masks. We must take full responsibility for the experiences we have created for ourselves, thus far, in order to take the reins back in our own grip, from now, onwards. As light workers, we must find the balance within ourselves, as there is more to life than indulgence in the simple pleasures that will bring us a short lived relief. When we choose to live through our hearts to become love everywhere present, we start to understand the bigger picture. Short term Band-Aid’s may cause us more grief than if we are to wait patiently for what we know we are worthy of! 

So let's stay mindful today, put on our best selves, and walk our talk!



Pueo ~ Hawaiian Owl: “Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them.”

“You can receive guidance from your ancestors in the spirit world, no matter what their age, when they died, or how many generations ago they walked on the Earth. They are offering you help in many ways right now, so pay close attention to the signs they give you. This guidance can come to you in many forms, whether through your eyes, ears, feelings, or thoughts. Sometimes your ancestral spirit guides appear in dreams, particularly vivid ones. You might see someone who looks like one of your ancestors or unexpectedly come across photos or memorabilia that remind you of this person. Often a particular animal making an appearance before you is a way in which your ancestral guide is trying to reach you. You might hear something that makes you think of a specific ancestor, or simply feel their presence. And thoughts about a certain ancestor, especially unexpected and recurring thoughts suggest that they are nearby. Repetition is key here. In whatever ways your ancestors attempt to contact you when signs continue to show up that make you think of your deceased loved ones, know that these physical manifestations demonstrate that they are with you. You may have known some of these ancestors in the physical world prior to their deaths, or they may be ancestors from long ago, several generations before your birth, surpassing the boundaries of conscious memory. Regardless of who they are, always give thanks to your ancestral spirit guides and even appeal to these benevolent helpers whenever guidance is needed.” - Steven D. Farmer


Personal Challenges - Ace of Wands` - 5 of Pentacles` - XX – Judgment` - Wolverine`

Creative Force * Enthusiasm * Confidence * Courage * Hard Times * Ill Health * Rejection * Judgement * Rebirth * Inner Calling * Absolution * Ferocity * Strength * Clarity * Focus * Persistence * Personal Power * Cunningness * Perseverance * Adaptability * Shape-shifting * Invisibility * Scavenging * Resourcefulness * Survival * Endurance * Balance * Wildness

Ace of Wands suggests many potential challenges for the day! This card has tones of heat and energy, providing us with advice to "keep ourselves in check" today. So while today seems to feel like the perfect day to settle a score, let us be rehearted that everyone we encounter is on their own journey, remembering themselves as they choose. We must not take the foul moods of others personally, as this IS the perfect day to bite off more than we would rather chew. Potential for action, excitement, creativity, and adventure come to mind if we embrace and allow these new experiences to first reach us. But, be prepared for adverse reactions from beings with which the ego decides to tango with. The challenge will be there if we seek it out; highly suggested to stay mindful of our every action to prevent a RE-action from taking occurrence. Cut cords from "past" patterns and cycles. Call in the Angels and guides that may help us best in times of doubt, worry, or confusion. We also have the Five of Pentacles making an appearance, which reinforces the strong guidance to ask for and accept assistance when we feel we most need it. If we are struggling and we KNOW we are, letting ego tell us that we are unworthy of help in any given situation prevents us from rising out of trials with grace, let alone ANY kind of soul. We ARE divine beings of light. We are creators! Ego wishes to experience pain and suffering. Soul wishes to take the highest path of potential. Ego tells us vile things to keep us in lower vibrational frequencies (Cabal food!). While soul would have us experience euphoria and the unified field. There is a major difference between being uncomfortable during a transition versus self-induced struggle due to egotistical reasonings. Put the pride aside and ride the waves of joy up and out of the mind folks! Leading up to XX - Judgment, we can see the clear message to take a brutally honest look at ourselves. Today is the day for solitary reflections of our own lives to assess what we have achieved spiritually through the process of living. Our life experiences have the potential to teach us lessons required for enlightenment and ascension. Are there hidden gems we could learn from by "coming to terms" with experiences from our past we have yet to face? Through our grievances, we find awareness. We have an opportunity for true progress on our journeys - it is for us to decide whether or not we will answer the call.


Wolverine - “You are a lot tougher than you think you are.”

“You have what it takes to deal with this turmoil, one where events have taken a different turn from what you expected. Recall those times when you face adversity when you had to dig deep inside yourself to discover the internal resources and the will to continue onward. As you require these memories, be aware of how they feel and your body. Anchor those feelings by calling on them to shore up your courage and help you maintain your dignity. By dealing with this situation head-on and paying attention to the nuances of the shifting energies, your inner wisdom will dictate when to move ahead and when to retreat, helping you to stay in your power throughout. By maintaining this stance, you're not only protecting yourself physically and emotionally but also spiritually. Call upon the Warrior inside, the archetypal aspect of yourself that's charged with defending the internal Kingdom and the archetypal king or queen. This is one of those times when you definitely need to be assertive with others, saying no when necessary, asking for what you want, and sustaining your physical and emotional boundaries. Pull your shoulders back, lift your head up, look straight ahead, and keep a relaxed vigilance. Do your best not to complain and be a martyr about what you're involved in presently, for it will only drag you down.” - Steven D. Farmer


Partnerships/Relations - II - The High Priestess` - O - The Fool` - 7 of Cups` - Goose

Non Action * Unconscious Awareness * Potential * Mystery * Beginning * Spontaneity * Faith * Apparent Folly * Wishful Thinking * Options * Dissipation * Perseverance * Migration * Level-Headedness * Loyalty * Family * Determination* Resourcefulness * Quest * Integrity * Purposeful * Imprinting * Compassion * Conservation

II - The High Priestess asks us to trust our intuitions; if it does not feel right, it is not right. We may find ourselves in situations that may feel less than ideal now that our emotions have had time to taper off. Do not fret, though, do not act just for the sake of doing something. We must allow ourselves to know what we need to know before we proceed with any new ventures. If we do not have all of the information needed to make a rational decision for ourselves given our current challenges, we may find it best to wait, without attachment to any outcome, for the secrets needed to reveal themselves. The moments of settling for anything less than unconditional love are outdated! Upgrade those thoughts and actions to match the dreams of what the heart wishes – read knows - to be true! What starts in dysfunction, ends in the same dysfunction. What starts in unconditional love, lasts an eternity. Reinforcing this message is O - the Fool, suggesting rather bluntly, just that. An impulsive action followed by a full blown face palm. Youthful enthusiasm has potential to bring us heightened states of joy, but our adventures may be the stuff soul/karmic lessons are made of. At any given moment we could be faced with the choice to act or not. It may seem pretty obvious, but take into consideration the moments we allow our fears to influence the direction of our lives. Those are the moments that will likely set with us and pull us down the road that leads to regret. Perhaps it is time to take a leap of faith? Or it mayhap is time to consider the toll such risky endeavors take on us if we are repeatedly being stung because we are not learning from the experiences. In either case, in which O - The Fool resonates for us, the Seven of cups tells us to change that up! When we show our love and open our hearts to those who return these genuinely real acts of unconditional love and kindness, we flourish. I mean we really blossom! Self-worth, self-love, self-discipline and self-respect can be very admirable traits when it comes to seeking a partner for any relationship. Others will naturally treat us the way WE treat ourselves. Our words can be empty if our actions would prove otherwise. No dream is "too big" to act on, nor "too" anything for us to attain. In order to achieve, we must first dream, but building castles in the sand will not provide what we need. We are capable of endless possibilities given the will and focus on attaining such promises. With the appropriate application of efforts, individuals seeking “the dream” will be the most likely for success. Pounce on the opportunity that serves the highest good for all beings and brings us the most joy. It would appear as though relations with our fellow brothers and sisters need a careful touch of reasoning along with compassion and understanding to navigate with ease today.


Goose: “Take time to recuperate rather than continuing your striving.”

“The irony of this is that by resting and conserving your energy, you can actually mobilize your internal resources for the next cycle of work and accomplish that much more. In this fast-paced world with all of its pressures that impinge upon you, it is difficult to take regular periods of time off, yet it is critical to your health and well-being to do so. Let this rest period be an opportunity when you do the things that help your body recover from the stresses and strains of your most recent activities. Sleep in, get a massage, spend some time playing with a friend, take a salt bath, get out of town and explore the woods – anything that will bring you peace of mind. At the conclusion of a long spell of continuous, stressful activity, even when it has been productive, many people do not allow themselves a period of respite, and instead jump into yet another task right away without relaxing and enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is most unnatural, but in a caffeinated society where technology has created instant access to phones, emails, and the internet, it is easy to give away your power of choice by reacting to a false sense of immediacy and urgency to these trappings of civilization. Turn off your phone and computer, and enjoy the sunset. These periods of rest need not be lengthy, but you do need to implement them – especially right now.” - Steven D. Farmer

 This Completes the daily Oracle Report. 

Decks used:


  • "Cat's Eye" Tarot - Debra M. Gavin
  • "Messages from your animal Spirit Guides" - Steven D. Farmer


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