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Awakening Your Third Eye, The Easy Way To Activate Your Pineal Gland

FCGCT Commentary: We recommend colloidal gold and 7 cloves of garlic for 7 days to assist with the pineal gland


Source:, Thanks to Earth We Are One

Opening the inner eye towards cosmic consciousness requires devotion to connecting with the greater part of you that is the extension of cosmic consciousness. It is realizing your resistance of ego and proper placement of awareness back into alignment with your higher self.   This exercise employs sound, frequency, desire and vibration to intuitively activate the potential of our pineal gland,… or third eye.

I tried the Awakening I exercise last night, honestly not expecting much. But wow does this work. About three minutes after completing the exercise, my forehead began to tingle, and suddenly I felt a rapid sense of expansion in the middle of my brain (where the pineal gland is located), along with an uplifted and expanded state of consciousness bordering on a mild and pleasant pyschedelic experience. I will be doing this exercise daily from now on until it’s time for Activation II, and encourage you to try them for yourself. 

Awakening 1

This advanced meditation activates the pineal gland and opens the 6th Chakra.  It is suggested to make sure we have prepared ourselves for the meditation and are ready to move into a higher awareness.

Opening The Pineal Gland, 6th Chakra, And Third Eye

The meditation is repeated for 3 days and works with vibrations made through voicing syllables that ring within the chakra.

The author suggests we use simple breathing techniques and find the pitch that resonates within our own etheric field.  I found it fairly easy to find my pitch right away.  If you’re new to meditation, it may take longer.

Finding this pitch is key to manifesting the workings of this mantra.

What You Can Expect

A caveat to this exercise is that we can experience some headaches if our thought-mind is processing history.  The more we are in-tune with our present moment, the less likely it will be that we will experience any headache.

But if you do, be happy! This means you are breaking recorded perceptions and cracking the layers that are calcified around your pineal.

I have taken considerable steps over the past few years to awaken and decalcify my pineal gland, and as such, I experienced no side effects other than an intense but not-uncomfortable feeling of pressure in my forehead and third eye that was just shy of a headache. So not everyone will experience side effects. 

Just like any tissue in your body that changes, much like a muscle… expect there to be some changes to occur when you work with it.  Especially if your pineal is significantly atrophied.

As the pineal opens, … we can expect to hear sounds and feel electrical impulses throughout our nervous system.  These are signs your endocrine (hormone… i.e. feeling) system is activating.  This is a very good thing!

Psychic Effects

It’s been my experience that exercises such as these can take up to 6 months to fully activate.  Be patient with yourself and expect the process to take as much time as is needed to work fully.

According to the author, expect some or all of these attributes to activate within your awareness.

Faster, easier learning and retention

Marked increase in intuition

Increased creativity

Psychic gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with more developed ability to see or sense human auras

Clairvoyance (psychic vision) opens up

Clairaudience (psychic hearing) opens up

Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) opens up

To read and download the full meditation, go to Conscious Life News. com

Preparation For The Beginner

It’s always a good thing to prepare your body, as well as your emotions and thoughts prior to accessing higher frequencies.

I suggest making sure we are fully hydrated and have sought affirmations from source that we are to proceed forward with this new path.

Here is a great meditation to open our awareness and request guidance.

May you find your inner connection and an opening to even greater wisdom.

Blessings On Your Path!


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