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Are You Experiencing Physical, Mental or Emotional Problems? This is The Chakra You Need to Cleanse

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Posted by Gostica, 11/14/2016

Have you ever had some day when you have found it difficult to concentrate? Or you felt heavy and overwhelmed by life? Or you were restrained in some way from achieving what you wanted?

According to the Eastern metaphysical theories of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, there are seven major spiritual centers of the body. These centers are called chakras. They can be compared to the wheels of energy and each of them corresponds with certain organs, glands, and mental, emotional, physical states. But sometimes these energy wheels get blocked and imbalanced and cause different problems to your body. 


Here is How to Determine if Your Chakras are Blocked:

Create Awareness

 In order to effectively eliminate the root cause of an imbalance of the chakras (or any imbalance in your life) it is necessary to create awareness.

There is no magic pill that can solve any problem in your life. Truly you have the power to take control of your state and recognize what is wrong with you.


Now do this exercise: Take pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions: “In what area of my life I feel stuck?” “In what particular times of the day I feel more overwhelmed?” “I hear these discomforts when I am in the company of others or when I’m alone? “” These hardships are more noticeable when I’m at work or with my / a Spouse / partner? “

Answering these few questions should help you be a bit clearer on what is going on. To have more clarity you can also use a journal where you write your thoughts.


Connect to the Chakra System

When you know more about the problem that is triggering your emotional, physical, or mental response, connect to the corresponding chakra. Below are some of the problems that each chakra can give:

Root Chakra (color: red): problems with family, self-identity, security, stability

Sacral Chakra (color: orange): problems with sex, money, creativity, the power within relationships1

Solar Plexus (yellow): problems with the power and the world around you, your point of view about your ability to change the world, feelings of powerlessness and victimhood

Heart Chakra (green or pink): focusing problems on your love for yourself, self-esteem, anxiety, lack of love in intimate relationships

The Throat Chakra (color: blue – blue): problems with all the manifestations of the self, self-expression, individuality, blocked expression, lack of discernment

Third Eye (chakra color: purple): problems with the ability to see the truth and refuse to see the truth, difficult to follow their intuition.

Crown Chakra (color: ultra violet or lilac): confusion about the purpose of life, the lack of connection with whichever is higher, collective consciousness, spiritual guides etc … lack of inspiration.


After determining which are the chakras associated with the specific problems, you can work to cleanse them.

 Meditation is very useful, to clean your chakras and give you more energy. Try to practice it every day and you will feel very soon the benefits.

Here it is a full article on how to balance each of your chakras: How To Balance Your 7 Chakras System – Chakra Empowering


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