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Why You Need Spiritual Cleansing and How To Do It

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By Melanie Beckler, 04/17/2016

Spiritual Cleansing Made Simple!

You have an aura and an energy body that surrounds you, because everyone does. But did you know that by not regularly cleansing your aura, you’re likely being weighed down by it!?

One of the main functions of your aura is to protect you from negative energies, and what’s often called a physic attack, or when you’re “greeted” with negative energy from another.

Auras are a bit like magnets – they naturally pick up the energy that’s circulating around you. Energy is everywhere, and without your aura you’d be feeling the full impact of all the energy, everywhere you went.

Throughout your day-to-day life, as your aura is doing the good work of protecting you from negative energy, these energies can sometimes cling to your aura and get stuck. Over time, and as this “energetic gunk” builds up, your aura gets weaker and your natural defenses and vitality decrease as a result. Unfortunately, while your aura can just shake off much of the dense and negative energy you encounter, it isn’t entirely self-cleaning.

This is where spiritual cleansing comes in, because it’s how you can manually, so to speak, cleanse your energy!

Where Does “Energetic Gunk” Come From Anyway?

You are surrounded by energies and entities all the time. Some like angels and teachers have an immensely positive affect, others are completely benign, and some entities that you encounter have a negative impact, or are even malignant. You don’t have to be engaged in psychic or healing work for energies to get stuck to you. If you’re around a couple or group who are arguing or who have recently been arguing, the energetic gunk they’ve just generated will find its way to your energy field. If you use public transportation to commute to work or get around, there is bound to be an angry, upset, frustrated person on the train or bus – their gunk will stick to you too.

If you work in a toxic environment or even just enter a toxic environment for a short time, you’re highly likely to take on some lower energies. If a friend or stranger is angry at you, for whatever reason, justified or irrational, this energy specifically aimed at you will get caught up in your aura. Likewise, if you’re angry about something, the energy you generate will get stuck in your aura.

It’s important to note that your aura doesn’t always block 100% of the energy, and when you aura does block, repel, or take on negativity, you’ll likely still feel it.

You can still sense when someone is angry with you, or when the room you’ve walked into is toxic. Your aura protects you from the negative energy reaching the core of you.  The majority of the time, it takes the brunt of the hit so that you’re not permanently or deeply affected by the lower energies you encounter.

Why Do You Need to Spiritually Cleanse?

Daily cleansing of your aura is as important as daily brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. If you’re someone who is particularly intuitive or sensitive to the feelings and energies of others, then it’s even more essential for you.

Even over just a few days, negative energy can really build up, causing your aura to weaken and dampening your light.  This allows more and more dense, stagnant energy to reach your inner core, or your true Self. You will begin to experience the negativity more strongly and for longer periods as it builds up in your aura and energy body.

An aura that is clogged will also transfer dense energy to anyone you come in contact with. Remember all auras have a magnetic quality, and so gunk from one aura will easily transfer to another, similar to the way air-born virus’s are transmitted. You’re also likely to experience fatigue, lack of motivation, loss of interest in things you usually enjoy. Positive changes that you try to make in your life will be slow to take hold and manifest when your aura is clogged and therefore blocking the energy you’re seeking.


Without regular cleansing you might become less sensitive to your own energy and intuition.  If you do any type of healing work, a clogged aura will make it harder to perceive energy from others or entities from other realms.  Additionally, when doing healing energy work, it’s so important to keep your aura clean, both for yourself and the people you work with.  As their energy releases due to the work you’re doing, you want your aura to be full power so that you don’t inadvertently take on what they’re letting go of. Additionally, this is why it’s so important to always release “into the light”. Likewise, you don’t want any lower vibrations that are hanging around you to transfer to those you are seeking to help heal, making their healing process potentially more difficult.

A cleansed aura makes it so you can be a positive energetic influence on those you come in contact with. Keeping your energy clear also increases your natural energetic line of defense, it keeps your energy and vitality high, and that positivity can then naturally rub off on those around you.

How to Do a Spiritual Cleanse With Light

Spiritual cleansing is the process of removing all negative energies that have collected on your aura and energy. It’s a simple process that can easily be folded in to your morning or bedtime routine. I recommend that you cleanse at least once per day.  If you’re doing healing work, cleanse before and after each session.  If you’ve just come out of a toxic environment or had an interaction with a toxic person, it’s a good idea to cleanse immediate after if you can.

Spiritual cleansing techniques can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or beliefs. Now that you know why you should practice spiritual cleansing, here’s how to spiritually cleanse your energy with white light!

Spiritual Cleansing With Light

Sit or lie in any comfortable and relaxed position. Begin with slow and deep breathing until you have centered yourself and let go of the daily distractions around you.

If you have a meditation practice, feel free to meditate for a few minutes before (or add this technique to the end of your regular practice).

When you’re relaxed, visualize a strong white light surrounding you and flowing through you.

Know in your heart that this white light comes from the Divine and is always available to you.

Visualize this white light touching every part of you, inside and out.

Visualize the light flowing energy and pushing out any darker, dense or stuck energy from the space emanating a few feet around your body.

Allow the white light to transmute this darker energy into universal light and allow it to freely float away from you, releasing into the light of the Divine and leaving you with nothing but light surrounding you, and filling your energy body.

Learn a variation of this technique to cleanse your energy with a Waterfall of Light here!

White Sage is another wonderful tool for Spiritual Cleansing, learn more about cleansing with Sage here! 

Salt baths are another great way to cleanse your energy, learn my favorite Salt Bath recipe here! 

Finally, don’t be afraid to get help!

While spiritual cleansing can sometimes be almost effortless with the methods I’ve mentioned above, other times dense energies, attachments and entities can be tricky to cleanse and release from your own energy.

I’ve channeled the Spiritual Cleansing Sessions  as a comprehensive way for you to get help from the angels and cleanse your energy fully and completely now!

Remember, spiritual cleansing is not a one time event, and is best to be practiced daily.

When you do spirituality cleanse your energy, in just a short time, you’ll notice that your mood improves as well as your responses to every day events.  You’ll probably even find that more and more positive circumstances are coming your way.


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