Love Has Won


We Are The First Contact Ground Crew Team, who are preparing to take Humanity Home Into The Light.

LOVEHASWON Water ~ Pure Alkaline Water Solution

Pure Alkaline Water solution based on Dr. Emoto's Water Technology & Sacred Geometry

Pure Alkaline Water is Crucial in These Conscious Times. 

Test your Hydration IQ!


We Are Honored to Introduce to The Planet, LOVEHASWON Water ~ Pure Alkaline Water Solution

The LoveHasWon Water Project ~

The Current Human body's make up of water is 65%. Right now this planet is going through a full planetary ascension and the Human body is now changing. During all these changes, the body's intake of water and the make up of the body has changed. The Electrical system of the body is moving into a more crystalline based form, water based to 99%. The average healthy recommended current in intake of water is 7-8 Glasses a Day. For the ascension, its recommended 10-12 glasses per day of pure alkaline water. The issue on the planet currently, is not all have access to this water as well as most of the water systems have been polluted, poisoned and tainted with fluoride, which decalcifies and blocks the pineal gland amongst many other things. 

We have a solution… “LoveHasWon Water”, a product in collaboration with Seychelle, which can change most water into pure “Alkaline” water and will be affordable for Everyone. These bottles will also contain a Vibrational Logo “Love Has Won”, based On Dr. Emoto's Work on how we can change the consciousness of water. Pure Water and Pure Love! Love Has Truly Won!

These Funds will be going towards projects which are based upon the ending of fear, pain and suffering on this Planet and Towards a New Story, A New Earth. One Based on Whole Truth, Wholeness of Being, Pure Living, Joy, Happiness. Some of these projects include: The New Earth Schools for Crystal Children and The New Earth Communities. Thank you for all the support in this new and grand endeavor. Together We Are The Change We Wish to See and BE, which is Love Everywhere Present.

Message From Dr Emoto in Spirit on the Importance of Pure Alkaline Water

Beloved friends, when I walked the earth I was drawn to bringing forth the mysteries of water. As most of your know, I was able to demonstrate how consciousness effects water.  You are all creators and thus your focused thoughts are always impacting creation and the elements.  The sacred geometry of water is the "Star Tetrehedron", which can be seen as the 6 pointed snow flake crystals in my experiments.  This geometry means so much when properly understood and is so powerful, especially when it comes to your health.  You are made up of mostly water so as you master staying centered in a loving heart, your cellular biology can assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste optimally.  

Pure water is essential and alkaline water helps to offset over acidity in the body.  Balance is always the key and again the geometry of love is the 6 pointed Star, it represents "to Give and to Receive are One".  This is the mystical marriage within and all should strive to achieve this state of being because it opens you up as a channel for Divine Grace.

Your Loving Friend Always

Dr Emoto



The filters in these products eliminate up to 90% of Flouride from your drinking water.  This helps decalcify your Pineal gland.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that these filters take out up to 99% of Lead and other heavy metals from your drinking water, that are toxic to your body.

Plus it eliminates Radiation (radon222) up to 95%

Water Filtered With Loving Intent Transmutes Toxins

Chromium 6 (made famous by Erin Brockovich) Was Just Found As Of Sept 2016 To Be In 75% Of Drinking Water In The United States. This Carcinogen Is Known To Be Extremely Toxic.


We do PROVIDE International Shipping!!!

28oz Alkaline Bottle with Filter

$59 + Includes Free Shipping in the Continental USA (excluding Hawaii)

Now have the convenience of pure alkaline drinking water at your fingertips all day.  Take it to school, the gym or on vacation... Filter lasts up to 100 gallons




Portable Pure Water Pitcher

$99 + Includes Free Shipping in the Continental USA (excluding Hawaii)

Keep this pitcher in your refrigerator or by your nightstand.  Drinking water right before bedtime and upon waking is the most beneficial time to cut disease risk... Filter lasts up to 100 gallons



Water Pitcher and Bottle Combo

Best Value ~ $149 + Includes Free Shipping in the Continental USA (excluding Hawaii)

For International Clients: Best Value ~ $179 + (Includes World Wide Shipping)

Why not enjoy both.  Have all your water needs at home and away from home met.  Perfect size for traveling and picnics.  For our International clients we offer a flat rate shipping on our Combo product Only.



FREE Travel Bag Included With Each Combo Package (while supplies last)

Enjoy the convenience of taking your pitcher on vacation with you so you can have peace of mind, knowing you are getting pure alkaline water wherever you go.  No more Montezuma's Revenge while on vacation!





$17 + Includes free shipping in the US only






$35 + Includes free shipping in the US only




$79 + Includes Free Shipping in The US (excluding Hawaii)

SPECIAL OFFER For International Customers (Residing Outside The US): Pitcher and Bottle Combo + Pump2Pure

$199 + Includes Worldwide Shipping

Peace of mind is yours with this pump that can turn lake, river, pool or even toilet water into pure drinkable water.  A must have for Emergency preparation...

Delivers Up To 100 Gallons






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