Love Has Won


We Are The First Contact Ground Crew Team, who are preparing to take Humanity Home Into The Light.

~Testimonies From Spiritual Intuitive Healing Sessions~ 




Quoted From Nicholas:

Dear Mother and friends of lovehaswon,
I started this journey of trying to understand parts of myself that had been lost along time ago. With limited resources and nowhere to turn I found myself isolated and misunderstood. I am writing this to remind you all that you are love.You truly are love. Mother, Robyn, and Micheal have reminded me that the essence of our existence is us trying to understand our human experiences in a alternative way. I had gone for a Rieki session when I had felt ungrounded due to my awakening. The result was that I had spent a lot of money on Rieki. I had a snake infiltrated in me during this session. My head was moving in snake motions and my thoughts were unclear. My angels guided me towards lovehaswon where Mother removed this infiltration. I literally felt this snake come out of my body. I know what you are thinking and yes even I was very skeptic and confused. But she is real and she has a great heart and is fulfilling her purpose by being the love that we are all searching to find. Thank you Mother, Robyn, and Micheal.
Many Thanks,
Toronto. Canada


Quoted From Eleni:

Dear Mother, Michael and All

 I would like to share with you my last night's experience...At the end of the session I felt asleep and calm..
And then...different sensations have started to take place.

At first, there was a feeling as if i've been drunk. this reminded me of Rumi's words " Drunk from the ecstasy of Love"

Then tickling sensations all over my body, as if the cells were moving..and a need to move the parts of my body in various ways.. This made me feel more awake.

After I lied down, I felt like operations were taking place..genitals, heart, diaphragm, throat, head.

I couldn't stop crying today..Hypersensitivity. It was the first time, after a long time, that I felt compassion for my husband. Also during driving home a voice whispered.."why be afraid? you are not are a part of all."
Thank you so much my Beloved Ones!!!

I choose Love and i am opening more and more everyday to this blessing frequency!!

I am looking forward receiving the transcript and start working!!

Sending you my Love and gratitude


Quoted From Jeremy Beller:

First and foremost I wanted to thank you guys so very much secondly I would like to talk to ask you about payment plan. I have yet to finish reading the full document it was my homework for the next couple days. Not sure how to express all the love and gratitude I have towards what you guys are doing.
Have so much more to say and share don't even know where to start. Talk and see you soon. There aren't words I know that exists to express what has happened or what feel towards you. Energetic hugs, first class over the top blessings to you lovelies what you have created as well The co creator's of the LOVE HAS ONE ORGANIZATION... Wish there was all encompassing EMOJI to place right here ♥️🔯🌳⚜️🗺️🌐⛲🌈💎💞💫〰️5️⃣



Quoted From Martijn:

MOC, I love you too, know. I see you in dream time now,  I have to say, part if me always doubts initially, it is hard to understand with mind all this that we are doing, but after I met you in my dreams I FELT YOUR TRUTH, you are true, kind, and powerful in love.




Quoted From Paul Gill:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate your help and guidance

It truly means a lot and I look forward to more sessions.

Well done for your sincere love and effort to help the world. we are blessed!

kind regards,

Paul Gill



Quoted From Katherine Nuyens:

Oh my goodness, Archangel Michael... I did everything I was asked to do on the transcript today. I laughed because when I went

though all the list of beliefs about ourselves, I was told I was pretty hard on myself. I was given a smaller list with understandings

about each one. That felt right. 

As I was in this holy space, I was taken into the 5th dimension and am now 100 consciousness. I was "gone for a couple of hours".

Even upon returning, it took me at least a half hour to come back. I am not even sure I am fully back yet. I feel as if I have had

my second session with you and will go to paypal to send your the $77.77 for today's session. 


Thank you for all your love and support. I will never be the same.

Love and gratitude,




Quoted From Lynn Zag:
Hello,Mother of Creation.
Thank you soo sooooo much for guiding me! x)
I did the tree meditation, I connect to Arch Angel Michael ,Arch Angel Raphael and I feel a lot of love and high vibrational sensations throughout my body which are more intense than I usually felt everyday.
Best regard,



Quoted From Archana:

Dearest Mother Father God:

My eternal live, light and gratitude for the divine blessings of eternal wisdom emanating from God Source and the Light teams.

I an humbled and in awe of the creator's love, mercy, compassion, and grace.

Much love, light, and blessings to my team. I will see you in the 5th dimension and beyond, where only eternal joy, eternal youth, eternal peace, eternal Dance, and eternal love resides and dwells in the hearts of all man kind and womankind.

In anticipation of our beloved reunion.

Much adoration.

The child of Mother Gaia.




Quoted From Dima:

Hi love beings!! this is to share my experience meeting MG&TFGCCT ; was so positive and me so damaged it took me three surgeries in the space of a year and a half to re-emerge as a new earth human angel. Mother is Brilliant, skilled and won't let one detail drop out of mission perfection in the present moment of now. Each surgery opened up transcendental ways for me to face some very dark entities/mind control/programming/dark spaces/dark beings/self-defeating behavior and elevated me to a consciousness where I was able to keep the body alive while dealing with life or death situations. Genius, Radical, Loving, Utterly sincere coupled with Spot On remarks, mom is magical and changed my life! I am forever grateful for what she's done for me and love how it feels to finally be back home into the light where dreams of true love do come true.

<3 xo Dima



Quoted From Jadetaumata:

I love and respect you and all the love that you share with the world is purely right and true your amazing



Quoted From Heather Leigh:

I had a session with you last week where you adjusted my wings and things have been rapidly shifting as I ascend in consciousness. My dreams are coming through. I am speaking in my sleep. I am in awe of this experience. Honored that you are you and helping us here. Keep going the ripples are amazing aaaaahhhhhmaaaazing!!!!

Heather Leigh



Quoted From Loryn Childers:

First, thank you so much for the many things I can not fathom that you
have done for myself and my family!  I am hoping, and expecting in
divine timing I will receive what I seek, and that is you.  I am a
Mother to a beautiful boy, Laken.  I have learned much in my time, but
I am keenly aware of so many things that I feel I have missed the
single factor, Unconditional Love.  I am experiencing much extreme
call of service, more than ever.  Not to myself, but to others.  The
LORD has shown me that I am to not intervene in others lives, i.e. we
all are on our unique path.  I realize with great responsibility comes
great sacrifice.  Nothing has ever felt like sacrifice to me though,
especially when it came to helping others.  Unfortunately, this has
caused me to not behave like myself the past couple years which made
my soul very angry.  As I attempt to describe why I am more worthy
than someone else to receive a emergency session, I remember we do not
earn love it is freely given.  This is not how I was raised, and I
know my parents did the best they could in showing me the highest form
of love possible at that time I still am effected.  In numerology I am
one of the crazy numbers, I don't know why they call them Master
numbers when it can leave you feeling so helpless when you are not
aware how to sipher through the junk that has been filling your brain
for 28 years saying not enough, not good enough, not correct
behavior... As I have been given many riches I ask for wisdom, and
understanding as I do not choose to be a leader.  I want to do things
with Integrity, and I am super sensitive to others, and at the end of
the day I know a lot of people are looking to me and will follow my
direction.  It is my highest intent that I am of service through
actions and not by words.
Please help before I purchase every book in the self-help section,
I am one of the first ever 50 envitro fertilization children to be
delivered in 1987 in the U.S.  My twin died, and I am am in need of
answers that are for me.  As my birthday indicates 10/14/1987 I should
have more capacity than most to find these answers.
I think that is the realization though, I am not above,
I am receptive for help and need it because I do not want to do things
on my own understanding anymore.
I love the Lord and I always have,
It is my wish to use the talents he has given me with utmost
efficiency which is why I ask for the healing.

Greatest gratitude and sincerity,
Loryn Childers



Quoted From Ann Marie:

"Dear MotherGod, FatherGod, First Contact Ground Crew Team, All the Angels, and All who helped today...... yes, including you too, Robin!.... *;) winking I am MOST GRATEFUL to all of you for your help.

This was my third session. I have learned a lot about myself, especially where improvements are required.I have also made decent progress for which I am thankful. I look forward to more sessions.

I send you all Love and Gratitude,
Ann Marie "



Quoted From LB:

I am Loving Kryon. tuning in and listening everyday. I think I need the Intraveneous level of injection of spiritual energy, I was so depleted. brilliant.
have not had a headache in a week!!! 
I think you, we , It shifted something. I am in better spirits this week than in ages. its been easier to let negative shit thoughts only takes a little light, a little willingness.......
moving into being more pro-active with my energy, .....leaving old victim mentality. THANK YOU. big shift




Quoted From Therese Bjorkman:

I just have to THANK YOU my LOVE!! ...For ALL you did for me, and doing!! I AM so greatful and thankful! The session changed my Life totaly...and still dose!! 😆 YOU are AMAZING!!! WOW!!! 😂❤ 
Hope to get in contact with you sooon again!! My Joy level has gone up to a Constant 9/10.. 😆😂😊 Lol!  I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks again!!! All Love'n'Light!!! ❤ ❤ ❤  

Therese 😇



Quoted From Robin Bowin:

I am seeing people around me becoming more loving! Toward me and just in general! A very stern woman at work. Grated I had earn her respect as she learn all three of my son's are very hard workers. But, still she treated me like the big sis. I don't like her but don't you mess with her kind of thing. Well, that is changing! She goes out of her way to smile and say Hi! and even posts nice messages on my FB Timeline! WOW! 

The other thing I noticed is the maintenance men, they all always participated in gay joke's,a thing with them. For years I would walk away whenever they got started. Yesterday the shooting in Florida was brought up and one of them started and then he stopped. He looked at me and said, "No, that is not right they are people too!"  WOW! Complete 180!

Blessings are being unleashed! Loving it!




Quoted From Meng:

Hi MotherGod,
Thank you of having this session with you!
I feel the anxiety within has been dispersed much.. so I could relax more!
It is a big thing for me!!
My thoughts and feelings are good during and after the session
I will start applying what you've said of meditation and be gentle with myself.

Looking forward to another session with you





Quoted From Dionne Mikrut:




Quoted From Robin Bowman:
Mother God I have to say WOWWWWEEEE! My session was the day before yesterday. I woke up feeling very low as I opened mail that a court date. Put that to ArchAngel Michael and went on with my day. Morning prayer, utilizing the tools you shared. It wasn't until 4:30 pm that I did the tree meditation. My favorite. Felt immediate relief from worry! Then processed to read post from Love Has Won. Felt a nudge, share your stories. And behold, many of the post release your self from the fear of judgment. Share your love, your gifts even if they are in beginning stage. Trust the process! So I followed the nudges, I shared my most recent story on FB. And the Love pouring in this morning over  whelming. And no one actually liked my story, at least not anyone I didn't share it with before. But, the appreciation of being myself is there. Thank you Mother and Father God Looking forward to sharing more as I continue on my fast track to 5D here! Thank you Loves!!!!

Robin Bowman



Quoted From Nusrat Mizan:

WOW Amazing!! I'm so excited for our session together on Friday! Last night I wanted to see Mama Gaia because I know what Father God looks like but not her and I saw a fair skin Asian or native woman. I couldn't figure out the entire vision but as I read the email I received from you, I saw the picture of the woman who I saw last night! 😳 I love you Gaia!! Thank you helping me go home to light! 

With much Love and Light, 
Nusrat Mizan.
Namaste. 😘❤️👑



Quoted From Maris the Healer:

Dear Beloved Mother and Father of Creation,

 I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with You on my journey to Awakening. Your deep wisdom and knowledge is BEYOND what words can express. I felt lots of LOVE and HEALING energy as you called upon the Archangels, Saints, and Angels during our session together. You gave me extremely helpful tips to accelerate my awakening process, connect with my angels, raise my vibration, and align my chakras. It amazes me that there are so many Awakened ones out there that are stepping into the Light and Helping so many others like me! I am enjoying this process every step of the way. I learned a lot during our one hour together, and I am still learning every day. I am So grateful for all the hard work that you do to Serve God and the Highest Good. I feel supported, encouraged, and provided for. I now have a Sense Of Knowing what I need to do in order to Raise My Vibration for Myself and the Highest Good. I Love You All, and I cannot Thank You enough for all of the hard work that you have done to help me and so many other Earth Angels on their journeys into the Light. I am so grateful for your Existence on this Planet and for the opportunity to connect with You. I am so excited to Connect with You All for our next session! If you are thinking about booking a session with these wonderful Love Beings, do not even hesitate! 

With so much Love,

 Maris the Healer

If you require an emergency session, contact us

We Love You!



Quoted From Dionne Mikrut:

Hello sweet ones! Very informative message & excellently explained! Thank you for your priceless, steadfast, commitment & relentlessly brave service, for the greater good of all! Love your shirts, what a great idea! I wrote down the Keys & Seals on a bunch of stickies and put them in key places, also in my phone (& how to pronounce the seals :), but wearing a shirt with the seals, sets us free to roam :). I also like the idea of putting my kiddos to sleep in the shirts.

Thank you again for your wonderful Ascension Session we had this last Sunday, it really was the additional boost of love-support I needed, and push in the right direction to help seal my ascension! Before our session, I had like this negative pit, that just would not go away, but it is gone now & I feel so much better! Now, it is up to me to finish this! I am putting to work the tips and gifts you gave to me, and I am just so thankful to you and your amazing team! You all are knockin' it out of the park on a daily basis & we don't even see all you are doing behind the scenes! For anyone out there, that is not sure about asking for help from this team, please do not hesitate, you are in the safest hands and cannot go wrong with MotherGod & FatherGod!

I was at such peace with them, I cried tears of gratitude during my whole session, literally just seeing them & feeling their energy, brought tears to my eyes before I could even say anything!! It truly was the best gift I could give my self!!! Worth way more than the suggested donation price too! I generally am not one to promote things publicly, but I stand behind this team! It is time to step up and take charge of our destiny & sometimes we need help in doing so! Love to you all, Dionne Mikrut MS, CMHS, LMFT :)



Quoted From Doreen Smith:

Awww Mom and Dad.. Love You so! < 3 Thank You for these gifts of Divine code and seal of protection..I definitely want some of these T shirts to wear and give to friends and family to help them remember and be protected. Thank You for being real and for being here and remembering who you are so we can remember who we are.  Love and Light. ... So very thankful... dancing a victory dance!!! WOOOOHOOO! LOL : ) Thank You for guiding us to knowing we too are Love and that we have so much untapped power to use for the highest good for our self, huemanity and all Creation. So many blessings! Thank You! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! < 3

I have used the code already to bounce a storm over and away from where we live. These are amazing magical, Divine moments we are having. As everything falls away, (sometimes in painful bewilderment), as the true beautiful, shimmering conscious Divine Being emerges. Thank You for hearing the cry of MotherGaia and all of huemanity's cries to have all injustices, hatred, wars and murders stopped and totally eradicated as we escalate in this ascension process that's never gonna stop.. Higher and higher!  

Peace and Love reign forever as it is in heaven, so it is on Earth. I am so thankful and grateful.  The veils are lifting and falling away in such rapid succession it is easy to see and take note we are at the end of the old paradigm and in new beginnings as planets stop and go retrograde and MotherGaia and huemanity cleanses and readies to enter the New reality of Love everywhere present.. Thank you Mom and Dad and the First Contact Ground Crew Team!  WOOOHOOO! In JOY! :) Love YOU! < 3



Quoted From Eileen Regina:

Thank you! Everything you shared is so beautiful! My goodness!!! I so appreciate your transparency and wisdom. I did not see the latest video, I will find it. I can relate in a small way to what you are experiencing. It's a crumb compared to your WOW WOW WOW, but I have the experience of being with a very advanced being and watching them ascend right before your eyes. It's breathtaking, many things that can't be explained in words. Truly an honor to be the witness and reap the benefits of such close proximity to ALL that is taking place. I feel like I am on track. I have gone deep within and connected even more so with my guides and angels. I have been able to align with my soul family-team and even channel my higher self (which is a very new experience for me). My angels showed me that I have been tapping into the Akash and wasn't aware of it. This was a huge AHA moment that healed many lifetimes very quickly. A lot of the heaviness I had been experiencing had nothing to do with this present lifetime. It was past stuff that was coming up so I could quickly transmute it into energy that is blissful and useable in the present moment of NOW. However, I didn't realize so many things until very recently. The spiritual brain surgery opened up so many doors for me to connect with my guides and angels and actually understand previous experiences and connect the dots. So now, joy increases every day with laughter. All of this that you shared is breathtaking and it truly helps me. Like you said, this is uncharted territory and so we help each other and grow together. Feels so good to have family that gets it. :) I had planned on trying to formulate some questions based on a few things, but it's not necessary. All that was raw is healed or healing at a rapid pace. As you graciously opened up the door for communication, that was enough to heal lifetimes of pain in a certain area that continued to repeat itself. Thank you for your work and the unique ways Creation moves through you. It's gentle, loving, healing, insightful, inspirational, truth, sincere, compassionate, and helps ALL to navigate the journey better. Sometimes it's just this...that makes all the difference in crossing over into a more awakened experience. In gratitude and oneness!



Quoted From Paulo Raposo:

thank you for coming into my life and helping me! I haven't had 4 or 5 consecutive good days for a long long time......I cant even recall to be honest!



Quoted From Jacqueline Kabat:

Swelling on nose has already gone down. This swelling was happening for a year. Third eye stuff I guess. 

You are a blessing. xoxoxo



Quoted From Passion Spirits:

I know we are connected beyond words, I'll share with you who MOTHER is so you can have a more intimate and clearer perception as to who she is. She will not tell you this about herself because she does not take pleasure in 'TOOTing her horn". So it is My pleasure and with great honor that i share with you who she is. I know you can see her beauty and her depth and wonder, i am just hoping that this conversation gives you what you need to know and take to heart. This Most amazing Woman who we call MOTHER is a very powerful, influential, and a virtuous woman. In the 3D language of today she would be a woman of great psychic powers and depth of insight. She is very strong, self-sufficient, and her secretive beauty hold hidden powers. not only does she have the ability to perform miracles, she has Performed many MIRACLES already. What she has done and endured in Her life's experiences has given her such depth of wisdom that baffles me or anyone who listens to her tell her story of ALL that she had  and has to overcome. I know she appears cool and aloof because she knows how to have fun and does not always speak on what she knows, however it would be beneficial for you to trust in this woman and listen to what she may have to say, as she can advise you with her strong intuitive powers of persuasion. so don't be fooled by  At her age of 40, SHE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF. She has equaled and surpasses the knowledge and experience of the most high ranking women who are in leadership roles in today's world...........Trust me when i say to you that I have traveled this world and have been around very very powerful and influential people all my life and i have never met a woman whose power is equal to none, more Loving, surreal, who captures the meaning of what VIRTUOUS is, when in motion. I know i am putting her on a pedestal. However she remains Humble and thats what makes her approachable yet untouchable. I feel very honored to be around her as we go into Counsil from day to day. So in todays terms she is a successful business woman , a professional counselor and a psychic advisor. She is a listener with the spiritual gift to be able to advise you with your problems.



Quoted From Cynthia Rose:

"MotherGod grabbed my heart back in 2011 with a simple phrase... "I Love You." I had heard this from lovers and parents, but never from a person I had met in a chatroom. There was no romantic relationship here, so...what gives?


Somehow, MotherGod had looked into my heart and knew what I needed to become whole...Love! This fact escapes people due to their preoccupation with...themselves! Yes, as we grow up, our egos grow right along with us making certain we remain focused on the way we view the world; no one else need apply.


But, MotherGod teaches, supports, and encourages the true personal growth occurring as we learn to love, with her own personal stories and insights all delivered with a huge dollop of... Love! Her ability to heal through etheric implant removal and etheric surgeries is amazing. I was the "guinea pig" for this process and felt an immediate "lightness" when my implants were removed giving me greater clarity of thought and focus. Thank You MotherGod of showing me a new level of BEing!


These are difficult times as we all continue to move forward to a new plain of existence, but any discomfort can be mitigatedby learning to open your heart and mind with trusting in MotherGod. The First Contact Ground Crew Team and MotherGod are not a cult, nor a "new age" movement. Rather, these are true "Love in Action" mentors waiting for you to make your own personal decision to reach for Love.”



Quoted From Renate:


Thank You so much for this truly enlightening session. For a long time I was inwardly aware that there was something within me blocking my progress. I knew somehow that it was my own issues that kept me there and my ego always sought to blamed others behaviors for that. These issues of unworthiness were so deep-rooted within me which made me always agree with others, please others etc just out of fear to be rejected, disliked and simply not being worthy of their love. I often got myself involved in my friends and colleagues ego games played along with their negative agenda just to be part of the gang as I thought it to be to painful and lonely if I wouldn't and my ego was quite strong. Although I felt very tired and drained with all this I just carried on. 

My awakening session with you really brought it to light and I was so surprised to hear from you that I am 85% there I thought surely not but the more I thought it over and as you said the last 15% are hardest which is releasing the ego. 

I have enjoyed watching all the videos and found all the articles about the ego on your web so helpful. I love the morning gratitude prayer I have written in down and keep it with me. I have been doing the tree meditation for about two weeks now. Last week I had terrible pain in my stomach area and I felt depressed and hopeless and on Sunday during tree meditation I released a lot of pain was crying lots cause I felt lonely unworthy I just let all the emotion come up and surrendered it to love. I feel so free, free to be myself.

Today during the tree meditation I had some amazing visions:

As I imagine sitting under my tree I feel the atoms and unconditional love from the tree flowing through me then I become one with the tree taking out all the negativity though its roots into Mother Earth to be cleansed and transmuted I see a white flash of light across my forehead golden light in my solar plexus and a green mist around me then I am siting in a cave I see an opening above my head and a constant sensation an my crown. I feel a sudden rush of energy through my body feel spaced out no longer aware of my body, light and floating I see a bright column of light around me sensing benevolent presences with me seeing faint faces I see the word Lady Nada feeling a sensation in my lower area of negativity being pulled out I saw a snake in my lower part of my body with flames around her rising up towards my head and cutting me free. I know I can do will do it.

Thank You for putting me on my path. I know now its my journey towards Love and Light.


Sending Love and Blessings Mother God  

Love Renate



Quoted From Penny Truman:

MotherGod has helped me more than I could ever imagined. She removed implants from me and my family. She is pure love and always there for you when you need her.  I love you Mom!



Quoted From Margret:

I have had both the 5D healing and a awakening session, shared with my closest friend, tandem sessions, LOL, and it was a lot of fun and laughs. After the healing session we had problems walking, getting our words straight, felt light and laughed heaps, by the next day that had passed but you feel as though burdens have been lifted and you've been cleansed, definitely worth doing, I have already booked in some of my adult children,( those that are aware of course). The awakening session helps clear the fog of where you are at in your ascension process and helps open you up to BEING and bringing in more of who you truly are. Excellent, I would list it (especially the 5D healing to start with) for everyone, you will be shocked what you are carrying around. Get clear, Get lighter, YAY



Quoted from Tara:

When I first saw MotherGod in a YouTube video, I said to myself, “Who is that?” I soon discovered she is Mother of Creation. MotherGod, is Here! The physical embodiment of the Divine Feminine has made it to planet Earth and she is on fire with a Burning and Eternal Love for Humanity and all her creatures.  Her laugh is infectious. Her joy touches my heart. The totality of My Being overflows with Bliss when I hear MotherGod laugh.

With FatherGod, Mother of Creation made my Eternal Soul and Spirit. They made every atom in my bodies. Every atom in my bodies resonates with a higher frequency when I interact with her.  The Light of MotherGod helps push the negativity to the surface in order for the planet to heal. She is here to heal us, love us, and bring us back to Whom We truly are-Love in action.

MotherGod’s love is for everyone on Planet Earth. When I speak with her I feel this love as it is—as deep as the ocean and twice as wide. Dive in! “Welcome Home, Beloved,” will ring in your ear and bring the Truth of whom you Are to the surface.

Her love in action reassures me and brings hope and joy that this planet will soon become Heaven on Earth for Everyone!  Prosperity and eternal Peace for all are on the Way! -- Tara



Quoted From Tom Glista: 

45 minute phone call that worked very well. I feel much better now - lighter and fuller. Laughter comes easily. Do it as soon as you can.



Quoted From Rob: 

Thank you Mothergod some much! I am walking around in a daze a happy loving daze that is. Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing work. With so much love to you, robin, everyone who helped and love to every one :) 
Thank you!



Quoted From Alesha: 

I very much feel the intense healing energies transferred by mother god and the galactic team of our beloved family of light The rainbow of colors I saw and felt I know my home is agartha From Lemuria I descended I am so very grateful to be here in assisting this tremendous shift to higher consciousness and healing With much gratitude and love Alesha I love you all! Namaste



Quoted From Curtis Hatch:

The advanced chips where in my brain and they where controlling me and gave me disorders and disabilities. when the advanced chips were implanted in me from past lives to the life that i’m living now they were implanted in this life, when MotherGod removed them i felt a big difference of the next 2 days’ later. i wasn’t in my own own i was out of my mind. i had been on medications they did help one bit. the medications didn’t help they made things worse for me not matter what the doctor had done for me increase or decrease the medications. i feel now when they were removed i’m my self. that’s a grand feeling what MotherGod said.



Quoted From mhibbert85: 

I just want to say the brain surgery, implant removal and soul retrieval is awesome. I got mine do it has change my life big time. I feel much happier more peaceful and my ego is dying. I use to be a WORRIER I WOULD WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING,AND WHEN I DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. I WOULD WORRY ABOUT NOT BEING WORRIED. This has changed some much I hardly worry anymore and it’s just been a few days since I have had these procedures done. And NOW! I HAVE MY HIGHER SELF WITH ME WITH IS FANTASTIC. LOVE MOTHER AND FATHER GOD. AND THE FIRST CONTACT GROUND CREW TEAM.



Quoted from KAT_ZADKIEL:  

Hi Love Ones! My name is Katlin and Today I want to tell you my story.  I was born 29 years ago in a cold January day in Estonia.

My mom was underneath the ceiling and watching herself of giving birth to me and so I was born.  I loved my life until was about time to start speaking. It was delayed and I couldn’t pronounce some letters.  After long visits to doctors came out I was born with submucous cleft palate.  The condition described as submucous cleft palate is when the palate appears to be structurally intact, but there are bony and/or muscular abnormalities underlying the skin’s surface.  It meant that my speech appeared hyper nasal and it was very difficult to understand me.  My first trauma appeared when I went to kindergarten. I was pushed out and I was a loaner. From complete happiness to the darkest cave, that’s how I would describe it.   And with that my battles began.

I was bullied at school and felt loaner and I was angry at world. I couldn’t understand what happened why I’m pushed out when everybody used to talk to me like normal person.  After few years I realized, it is not them/world, it is me. I was hurt and in pain.  I decided to kill my emotions and I couldn’t take any more in. I was about to explode and I did. I was crying like crazy everything or everything was upsetting me.

It was hard to stop it. I was emotionless zombie, scared and alone. I felt nobody could understand what I was going through and I did not let anybody in either. The cycles came and passed and came back. From every mental break down I have learned something. I think in one point I was ready to die. I was so exhausted that I did nothing for 3 months. It was my mom who asked if I want to die. I managed to pull myself together and carry on. I decided to apply to school in Denmark to study fashion. I have never wanted so bad. It happened. I was granted place to study there. I was so happy.  I moved to Denmark. Two beautiful years and learned lot about myself. I graduated and moved to United Kingdom. I was in better but my battles were not over yet. I found a job what has taught me so much about myself and accepting others.

During the years I have had several operations. Due my cleft my ears were always infected and I have had about 6 operations on my ears. It was so bad in one point I could not hear the whispering. I can say I have been lucky to meet the doctors who have helped me to save it. I have no hearing bones left on my both ears. Right is built up by using ear cartilage and in left ear I have 2 pieces titanium what works on hearing bone method.

Plus on top that I have had my speech issues. I had an operation when I was 12 years old. It did help me but I still had nasal speech. They told me that is all what they can do for me.  Five years ago I moved to United Kingdom. I was seeing Ear-Nose-Throat specialists who referred me to cleft clinic. I had no idea that is something what can be done to help me. I have had 4 major surgeries to help my speech. It has been tough mentally and physically.

Mentally I was run down and I was in the mud with my nose.  All this operations had brought me amazing speech and I can say my confidence was growing on daily basis. But Oh boy it all took a toll on me.  I was down once again.  I had no idea what to do. I tried every trick I knew. I had a holiday. I saw a person who deals with angels in May of last year. I had a list of illnesses I was suffering. She looked me and the list and was like OMG you are still alive. At that point I was feeling I can’t go on like this anymore. My contracts from other side veil take care of me and released most of the karma lessons what I have fulfilled with 28 years of life time. I got a message I am old soul. It was first time ever I did something like that. I felt amazing like tons of heavy stuff lifted off from me. As well I was told I am free to go and do whatever I loved. I was freed of my main karma.

 It helped but I was down once again. I was lost. I had the freedom but once again old battle with depression was back or anxiety? I have never felt I was depressed. Few years ago I was on antidepressants for 6 months, the worst decision in my life. I stopped them as I was not able to sleep anymore.  By August last year things were gone even worse one more holiday to cope with situation and by October I was thinking I was ready to go crazy. I could not control anymore my body. My emotions were up and down. I was arguing with everybody, I lost my head at work, I was shouting. I knew it was not me. When I saw doctor they were like we can give you antidepressants. This was my wake up call. I knew I need to do something about the situation, something non-medical.  I found help with one girl on Facebook group was ready to heal me. She found demons. It gave me breath of fresh air. It was nice to feel alive again for few hours.  By chance I saw implant removal link on one Facebook group. I had question what are the implants. And he explained. I just jumped in on the same night and got them removed. No further questions asked I just knew I need to do it. 


Be changed. I was free and happy and love. 

Implant removals:

MotherGod found on me star triangle on my back, dissolved some chips, repaired DNA, removed 5 implants, froze the mutation and retracted tentacles. I was found angel chip also. I had no idea what it is on time.

After effects:  I got out to of the cycle. My vision changed and everything looked cleaner and brighter. I noticed the old patterns what need to change and let go. I also could smell things again.  Yes nice and nasty ones they were all back in my nose.  Since October I feel free happy and in love.


Soul retrievals:

MG and team cleared my timeline. I did Received Galactic Federation Positive Chip for Light Protection. I felt so light that I was ready to fly away. It was needed.


Brain surgery:

Yes, I was ready to be guinea pig. Yes, and it was much needed. Different from another I felt the scanning process, I got really dizzy and I was away. MG and Robbin found some holes and other damages on my brain.  They filled the holes and did repair to receptors and reconnected them to centers. They were using Pure Golden Emerald Violet Pure Concentrated Plasma Energy to Fill and Repair. After that they placed a fluid golden liquid into the brain and Place a Golden Cap around the Skull to prevent further damage. 

I felt when they were pouring the plasma in my brain. I felt how plasma was spreading where needed. I felt it in middle of my brain parts, everywhere. My cheek bones were feeling heavy. I felt how the liquid filled my backbone. I felt how the Golden cap was placed from backwards to forehead. 

I have been so much in light and love J it has been amazing experience. I can say my hearing as improved and my pineal gland is awakening. The colours are more intense. 

This last 4-5 months has been incredible journey. I have become one with myself. I am happy and calm. I have come out from cave where I was hiding. Kundalini energy is wakened. I never thought I will do that. I have learned so much from 5d and our nice family. Thank You for being there for everybody. There is so much happiness, it is so hard to put it into words. Journey is still going on and I can’t wait to see what comes next to my path.


My gratitude towards MG and FG and TEAM is endless.

Whoever you are considering to do implant removals, soul retrieval or brain surgery, go for it. 


 Choose Love.

Become one with yourself and universe creation. You deserve it!






Quoted from Maria:

Dear MotherGod

Thank you for the above surgery.  Some feedback:


Shortly after the process, I saw a flash of golden light in my mind’s eye.  I had not taken in all the text sent. 

The following day I felt something suddenly switch on in my head – symbolically, it was a TV set.


I feel lighter physically and mentally.  For as long as I can remember I have always felt as if I was going against the grain; something was always holding me/slowing me down, no matter how much effort I put in my endeavours. 

I was in a rather dangerous situation on Tuesday, when I felt I was pulled out of an environment where I was being attack mentally.  I work in what can be a very hostile environment (created by some colleague’s fear and insecurity) where about three individuals are determined to set me up to fail.  the lengths they have gone through beggars belief!


I know I have to work on staying in love, peace and light; I need to meditate more often. 

I have posted both your links on my Facebook page and have started sending out invitations to specific individuals.  My donation will be made at the end of the month.


With gratitude, peace, love and truth,

Marie Helene Cynthia Augustin (nee Bonaparte)


PS:  I forgot to mention my ex and father of my child, who has close connections with government, diplomatic, law enforcement and legal entities.  He has a brother who is a herbalist and I very much suspect that occultism is practiced by one or more of his associates.  Very destructive characters – all of them. 

Further, I have a cousin, an ex-sportsman, who has undergone training in Scientology and abuses his skills by invading people’s mind psychically.  He has done this to me on numerous occasions, whereby he extracts information from me by distance and projects my thoughts within conversation – whether it be a book that I have read, video watched or conversation had with friends. I have tried to have this link broken.  I have asked a friend to post him information about your surgeries because I am not around at present. 



Quoted from Deb:

Thank you so very much! I felt a flush of warm energy, almost made me nauseous. I felt a very huge shift in my energy, very, very light! I’m going to re-read this, take my cold shower, then meditate. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warmest aloha, Deb



Quoted from Cliff:

I was diagnosed bipolar in 2004, and have been hospitalized for this over 10 times and taken many prescribed drugs for my condition.  When I got my brain surgery done with MotherGod and the team, I noticed that man-made drugs were one of the things that cause holes in the brain.  So I decided I wouldn’t take the pills anymore.  I have now gone 3 months without medication, and I feel great!  No symptoms of mental illness at all!  Thank you so much MG and team for healing me!  Your surgeries are priceless.



Quoted from Alisha:

I very much feel the intense healing energies transferred by mother god and the galactic team of our beloved family of light The rainbow of colors I saw and felt I know my home is agartha From Lemuria I descended I am so very grateful to be here in assisting this tremendous shift to higher consciousness and healing.


With much gratitude and love Alesha I love you all! Namaste



Quoted from Deh:

Hi Mother God! I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful reading[Awakening Session] this morning!! :)I want you to know that your wisdom/guidance really is so appreciated!!! You gave me the clarity I needed, helped me to understand things so much better…n grateful to know the truth about twinflames (im going to read what’s posted on your website too)…

i typed up the notes from our session so that I can read them whenever I need to…i'm posting the main things to remember on my wall as a daily reminder, until it comes natural for me…it’ll help me stay focused, to move thru things n release them…n to most importantly, remember to get rid of the voices in my head, ego! I really do want to raise my vibration, be love n be joy 24/7!! I will work on it all n try to be aware, so that I am always present…. everything you said was so clear, you made it so easy to comprehend….

I will definitely be contacting you in the future for follow up sessions, and more guidance! I will continue to share the First Contact Ground Crew Team and Healing Site in hopes that others will begin to awaken too! Your website really is such a blessing to us all, it’s wonderful!!! Grateful for it n to have a place to find truth!


Have a great day! Much love!!!!! XOXO





Quoted from Maggie Norton:

Blessings to ALL
I am feeling more alive( haha) and have heaps more clarity and its not even a week yet, Thank you ALL so very much, Unconditional LOVE to ALL.  I am so looking forward to our awakening sessions on the weekend,


Blessing Be
Maggie Norton